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    Posted April 18, 2014 by
    northridge, California

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    How Entrepreneurs can gain Media Authority even if they have never been interviewed before by being positioning as the Expert in their Industry


    The Internet has given people more options today to research you and your business in order to make the decision with whom they will do business with. What makes a prospect choice you over someone else is the "Know, Like and Trust factor." People like doing business with someone they trust, someone who is the best and someone that has authority. Being in the media lends that trust and authority to your business.


    We've all heard of and read about the professionals who are ruined by one bad review and the many services designed to push down the bad reviews to show the positive ones, but that’s not what I am referring to. What I’m talking about is being recognized by peers and other third parties in the most positive light, as an expert in your field. This is what I call establishing an authentic authority that positions your business in the media as the authority in your field.


    Many of you have probably never thought about the importance of this type of recognition, but trust me when I tell you that having articles, press releases and interviews show up online about you or and your services makes a prospect want to choose you over your competition.


    When someone “Google's “your name, what will they find?


    Media outlets use the Internet to find experts that they can call upon to provide quotes for print stories or to even make an appearance if it’s a TV news piece. This is especially true of local reporters who don’t have the monetary resources to search for and pay their experts. That is why it’s important for you to have great and valuable information show up when someone Googles your name. Also, those press releases, articles and interviews should be on your website as well in a press room, so reporters that type in keywords online will come across you if they are looking for someone in your industry to get a quote from on a their topic.


    Let me share a few important questions to ask yourself to evaluate your media authority:


    • Do you already get leads, and would like more leads and more people that want to do business with you?
    • When someone "Googles" your name, if you were recognized on high authority 3rd party websites, can you see how that would give you the "know like and trust factor"?
    • Can you also see how more prospects would want to work with you over another say another realtor or tax professional if you have ongoing coverage like articles and interviews about topics they need information on that are easily found when they google your name?
    • Do you have a newsroom or press-room on your website?
    • Are there ongoing press-releases about upcoming events, seminars, book releases, etc.?
    • Are your accomplishments published online or are they only on your website?
    • Does your business live and die by your relationship with clients as well as banks, vendors and suppliers?


    If you are a licensed professional, think about the number of people who “Google” you to determine if you have the credentials you say you do. This type of search is happening thousands of times a day.


    Let's say you are a doctor, lawyer, financial services professional, tax professional, or real estate broker/agent, and someone may be evaluating your credentials right now. Instead of just verifying that you are in fact licensed as advertised, imagine this potential client also seeing countless articles, press releases and you being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox. They will immediately identify you as not only a licensed professional but as an expert in the field, and truth be told, everyone wants to hire the top expert in the industry.


    There is much more to media authority marketing than just getting featured on a popular site and saying as seen on:  ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox. You need to become the trusted authority and that positioning is an ongoing process that happens over time.

    To find out more of how to become the obvious choice to do business with visit www.MediaAuthorityMarketing.com

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