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    Posted April 20, 2014 by
    seattle, Washington
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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Tim Durkan was walking home through the streets of Seattle on the evening of April 19 after photographing Sakura-Con, an anime convention, earlier in the day, when a BMW ran up onto the curb and started driving erratically down the sidewalk. Durkan says the car narrowly missed him and other pedestrians. But before the driver could get away, Durkan photographed it plowing through the sidewalk. He called the police immediately afterwards to inform them of the situation. As far as he knows, the driver got away. 'I felt very fortunate that I was paying attention instead of texting or fiddling with my phone. I wondered if the girl that was just a few strides in front of me was ever aware of her good fortunes,’ he said. ‘Even a few seconds can make a big difference and I truly believe we should all live our lives as if the next moment may be our last.'
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    I had been out photographing the 2014 Sakura-Con here in Seattle most of the day. It is one of the largest anime / cos-play gatherings of the year and easily one of the most fun for teens to partake in and enjoy. A little tired and hungry, I stopped by a popular coffee house for one last shot of espresso and to grab some fish at a nearby sushi bar. As a street photographer who has lived in this fairly rambunctious neighborhood for over 25 years, I am constantly snapping “test shots” in order to prepare for anything of interest. I had no idea that less than a minute after I took one of these test shots a car would careen out of the roadway and onto the sidewalk where I and others were just walking. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the driver steer directly at us traveling at 20-25mph. Though I dropped my sushi in the process of avoiding the car I did still manage to swing the camera around taking a few shots. Never once did the driver slow or stop. Later I would find out from other witnesses that he was involved in a nearyby disturbance before jumping in his car and speeding my direction. Seattle Police would also later confirm that he was spotted again but pursued only a short distance before deciding a chase was too dangerous to continue - a wise precaution. I hope everyone seeing this story shares the photos so that the driver is recognized, found and held responsible. I also wonder if the young woman in the first photo will ever learn just how lucky she was the night potential catastrophe was avoided by a mere 22 seconds.
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