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    Link Indexing Methods


    There is a big difference between getting your backlinks crawled by Google and Google actually indexing your backlinks. Even when Google indexes your backlinks, Google uses a multi-level indexing system. Simply getting into the index is not enough-you have to get into the right index: the public index. Google can crawl and index your backlinks but put you on the supplemental index. This might not help you much. Google can even crawl your backlinks but find them to be such low quality links that Google doesn't even bother including them in the index. Be aware of these different indexation outcomes when working to get your links indexed.


    Lots of web publishers and SEOs think that the only way to get backlinks indexed is to pay for backlink indexing services. While this is preferred since many of these service providers know what they are doing, you'll be glad to know that you can index your backlinks if you don't have money to pay for a professional link indexation service. Here are some of the most common link indexing methods.


    Before you begin


    Before you use the free backlink indexing methods below, keep in mind that you can make your job easier by following some basic rules. First, make sure you use only original content for your backlink pages. This means non-duplicate text. The text doesn't have to be high quality. It only needs to be unique and not scraped/copied from somewhere else and must be readable. Second, make sure you build your backlinks on sites that have high page rank. These high page rank backlink sources get crawled more often by Google.




    Blogger is a free hosted blogging platform that's been around for a long time. In fact, many bloggers started out with free blog platforms like blogger to try blogging out before they went on to buy a domain and get hosting for their own self-hosted blog. Too many bloggers think blogger.com (and the domain for its hosted blogs, blogspot.com) as a 'newbie' platform. This might be true but it is also true that Google owns blogger and gives it a lot of weight when it comes to indexing links. If you want to get your hard-earned backlinks indexed quickly, you would do well to open a Blogger account and create a post with your backlinks in the body of the post. Google indexes blogger very quickly and regularly so you stand a high chance of your backlinks showing up in Google's index if you create a Blogger post that features your backlinks. Post url backlinks. Don't use anchor keywords linked to your backlink url. Don't just post your links though. Make sure you include a short snippet of original content along with your backlinks. Keep checking backlink checker tools to see if your backlinks show up in Google's index. Once your backlinks are showing, you can delete the blogger post because it did its job. Move on to the next batch of backlinks.


    You need to be vigilant with your Blogger blog. Make sure it stays alive. You don't want to get caught with a blog that is made up of posts with just links on them. This is too obvious. Instead, delete posts when your backlinks show up in Google's index. It also wouldn't kill you to post short blocks of original content from time to time. Make your blogger blog look legitimate. While you can always create a new blogger blog, it is a good idea to keep an older blog alive for quick backlink indexing purposes.




    Follow the same advice regarding Blogger above. Keep in mind, however, that Wordpress.com isn't owned by Google so your links might get indexed a bit slower. Once again, once your backlinks get indexed, you should remove the Wordpress.com post you used to get them indexed.


    Google Plus


    There is a lot of debate among SEO professionals about how powerful Google Plus is in getting sites and pages to rank. Some SEO professionals say that Google Plus has a positive SEO impact, others claim that it doesn't really impact ranking. People who claim that Google Plus has a positive SEO effect point to the fact that Google Plus is a social media platform. Many people think Google pays attention to 'social signals' in ranking pages. Since Google Plus is a social media site owned and operated by Google, many people think that Google Plus is a natural and obvious source of the social signals Google needs for ranking purposes. Google has been officially silent regarding the ranking impact of Google Plus. However, it is clear that Google Plus does have an indexation effect. Stuff you share on Google Plus gets indexed quickly. Why? Just like Blogger, Google Plus is a Google property. It is easier for Google to access its infrastructure in a very efficient and fast manner than third party independent websites. Follow the steps below to get your backlinks indexed using Google Plus.


    Create a Google Plus account and add your friends to your Circles. Once you have enough people in your circles, share the pages where your backlinks are located. As long as you share in a 'natural' way, you shouldn't get into trouble. What is 'unnatural' sharing? Simple. You share huge numbers of links at one time. This raises red flags with Google. Instead, share in small batches and share from time to time. Also, it helps if you include some original (non-duplicate) text next to your shared post.


    Ping strategically


    While Wordpress and Blogger posts that include links to your backlinks will get indexed naturally, if you think that it's taking Google a while to index your backlinks, you may want to ping your wordpress and blogger posts. Since ping services are abused by people pinging their backlinks directly, restrict your pinging to your wordpress, blogger, and web 2.0 posts. Don't overdo it.


    Don't use the fact that you don't have the cash to use a professional backlink indexing service like Link Processor as an excuse to not get your backlinks indexed. You spent time and effort bulding your backlinks. Make those links count by using the free backlink indexing methods outlined above.

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