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    Posted April 19, 2014 by
    Balitimore, Maryland

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    Paul Ryan's Budget Bill



    The Republicans decided to assemble their own Budget Bill. This is OK, but don’t you think they should be working on the economy now? This bill is just symbolic in nature.
    It is long; it would be a good idea for others to read it. You would have to do some research to fully understand, what their policy’s would really mean, Such as how many people would be affected by the changes. Who would or would not benefit from them when making changes, or what harm could incur by the changes or If you really are saving money or profiting off of it after the completion of cutting finances. We should have independent studies especially when it affects a large population before you make sweeping changes.
    They mention several government programs that are duplicated or over lapping consist of waste, fraud and abuse.

    Why can’t they fix them now? To make it run more efficient. Take one program at a time. Why do they have to wait until they pass their budget version?
    They could of made changes in 2002-2003 when they had the House and the Senate and the Presidency. Like they are beating the IRS to death, why didn’t they make the changes years ago to the tax code? Now for some reason it is a big deal.

    I agree with them on some of the Medicaid, 2-teir hierarchies. It is true not only are people treated differently while using Medicaid. The cannot get the services they need, due to the government not at least paying these doctors a fee up to the standards of Medicare rates. My doctor explained to me they have to limit the amount of people using Medicaid in her private practice. It cost more to treat, than what they are being paid. Hence government paying for Medicaid and people are unable to use it. Some doctors will not take it at all.
    There is something that I don’t know if the new Health care law addressed this issue. That people on Medicaid in these exchanges if they could be single out .Are Medicaid payments treated just like any insurance fee?

    I did look into the Healthy Indiana Plan that is mentioned in the bill. I do not agree with the states taking sole care of managing the heath care system. I see quite a few problems,
    With this health care bill.

    If the plan starts to be too expensive, they can purge you, or keep others from enrolling. Know as the anti-entitlement clause., This health care program is funded mainly by taxing cigarettes. Not only do you pay for the insurance, which can be up to $92 dollars a month. You must save money for their power account.

    There is a lifetime cap.

    They believe that the $1100 deductible could be to low for people with chronic conditions. They stated we will continue to evaluate the health status of a participant to access whether the deductible should be increased, if so they would consider them to pay more to their power accounts.

    Most of these people on this program do not qualify for Medicaid.


    Also in the bill, they feel that Libraries and Museums can be managed through the states. I don’t see a problem with this, providing they cannot not privatize or sell them, But some states are more poorer than others. I do not know what that effect would be on the states.

    One problem that I have with the Republicans, to lower the Debt is just to cut your way to Prosperity.. They stated that lowering the taxes it would create jobs, create innovation, and investments. Deregulate would create jobs. Let the free market manage it self. They are still preaching this after the financial melt down. It didn’t work. It created a lopped sided economy, Income inequality, and debt. It made a few very wealthier at the expense of the many. If you want a thriving economy you must let the consumer have some of the economy. That is not socialism that is good business sense. We are the job creators, If we like a product and we continuously keep buying the product t, it leads to companies hiring people to meet the demand. If you keep wages stagnate and keep money out of the hands of the consumer than we do not have money to spend and that cost jobs.

    I admit I have not finished reading the bill.

    If anyone reads this bill and see pluses or minuses it is open for discussion.
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