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    Posted April 20, 2014 by
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Grandmothers Home Condemned by City set for Huge Development

    Mr DePriest,

    I forwarded your email to Capt Peter McWatters of the North Service Area.

    Chief Kevin Belk

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    On Apr 19, 2014, at 3:03 PM, "David DePriest" <d.depriest@comcast.net> wrote:

    Please forward to the Captain looking into this for me, we spoke on the phone Friday 4/18.
    Thank You
    David DePriest

    Recap of time line how the City of Grand Rapids Condemned 645 Coit NE and is making a Single 67 year old Grandmother Homeless. Keeping her out of her Home set for redevelopment next to Medical Mile in Belknap area of GR set for Hundreds of Millions in development that is just now getting started NOW April 2014.

    1/1/13 City of Grand Rapids changed the law. Renting SFH needs registration and inspection / Hired 18 new Building Inspectors and Targeted Belknap Area

    Grandma stopped renting home decided to make it Owner Occupied Home asked the tenants to move ASAP because their lease was up.

    4/13 Notice and invoice sent from City CE to Register home and Pay invoice

    Responded Owner Occupied immediately O.O. do not register as rental.

    6/13 Change Driver License making this home permanent address / House guest were having trouble finding place / Two homes already condemned next door. 641 and 639 Coit

    10/13 City CE comes to home Starts Interacting with House Guest and has Grandma locked out. Went from being good roommates to nightmare overnight.

    10/15/13 Start eviction process / first court date roommates have attorney with help from City CE to prolong eviction and tried to combine Eviction case with Citation case but was not successful.

    11/13 Citation Issued for not registering home as rental. / Schedule Formal Hearing with Court

    12/3/13 Formal hearing adjured to 1/10/14 / Allowed to get representation by Judge. Grandmother threatened with criminal prosecution by City Attorney and they also contact her attorney before she could and threatened him because he was doing an eviction of house guest.

    12/5/13 City Attorney agrees not to register and inspect home if Owner Occupied by Grandmother and fine is Paid / Case Closed.

    12/19/13 Home was Inspected anyway by City CE and Condemned because Fire Alarms were disconnected by house guest, Notice was sent to wrong address intentionally or never sent, never arrived. Had no knowledge of this notice until 1/22/14. This eliminated any time to appeal or reset Fire alarm, owners were locked out. City CE knew this, they caused it. This was done over the Christmas Holidays and brutal January winter. 28 days from Inspection to shut off and they diverted and concealed Condemnation.

    CE is more powerful than our City Attorney. C.A. agreed not to register or inspect it. This was a illegal Search and Seizure by City of Grand Rapids

    12/27/13 Paid Citation not knowing what City CE had done yet.

    1/7/14 Court order issued to evict house guest by 1/14/14

    1/16/14 H.G. are finally out / Police called report damages / Took position back / House guests had to move because of Court Order

    1/17/14 Water company records show order was placed for shut off

    1/21/14 Condemned/Notice placed on Door and Water turned off. This was done after we were back in our home and had cleaned up for a week inside and out. This was the first day we found out her house had been condemned. CE knew exactly when to shut water off and knew she was back in her home so they shut off the water and made it unlivable only after cleanup was done.

    3/14 Sent letter to City CE letting them know would start to repair violation 4/1 and be done in 60 days. under distress

    4/5/14 Received first Invoice for $1,777.50 from City CE with a late charge. They are charging for moving house guests saying Court Order N/A. City CE paid off each House Guest for two separate place's to rent then charged Grandma back a double moving cost. This was a payoff to these guys by City CE. Total Fines to date over $4,000. CE is now more powerful than our Courts. They will board it up next, then take it away and auction it and continue sending more Invoice's.

    4/14/14 Fire alarms passed inspection City CE still won't release hold on home until home is brought up to code as a new rental property knowing this is not an option.

    4/15/14 Grandmother getting desperate, will be homeless soon.

    4/17/14 Grandmothers Brother receives a buy and sell agreement with one phone call to developer already in area. City is forcing this sale for 33% of the avg. price GVSU just paid for 83 homes and are going to take as much money as possible from the sale of house she so desperately needs.

    Grandma can't live in a house she owns that's been in her family for almost 60 years that should never have been condemned and now has lots of liens placed on it by City that can never be paid without selling it. Not only are they making her homeless they are financially bleeding her to death.

    4/18 Still can't find an Attorney to take on the City.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and feel free to contact me with any questions.

    If we can file a criminal case against the City officials for abuse of power, extortion, trespassing, invasion of privacy and violating our constitution Right we would very much like to do so.

    Thank You

    David DePriest

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