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    Posted April 20, 2014 by
    Oakton, Virginia

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    As French Fries, moderation is advised for the consumption of Fried Plantains


    Even though, Fried Plantains as French Fries are easy to prepare, popular and loved for everyone and are considered as a side dish to accompany main courses in the countries where these foods are consumed, it is clear that for cooking “Fried Plantains” or “French Fries”, plantains and potatoes are cut in long pieces and then, immerse in hot oil for the process of frying.


    Food cooked this way, nowadays it has been found and probed in the nutritionist and health field that in the long run the continues consumption of fried food may cause damage to the body and its organs, therefore, moderation for the consumption of French Fries or Fried Plantains is my advise.


    If you find this dish delicious follow my advise and eat Fried Plantain with moderation, like once a month. Also, as many other food that you fry, TAKE care with the hot oil and as I show in the video, as soon as you take out the last “Tajada”, move and place the skillet to a cold stove until it is cold.


    Fried Plantain (Tajadas de plátano) Typical side food for Venezuelan.


    Foods are not things that we buy, prepare, eat and end of the story, on the contrary, aren’t these provisions a big component of a culture? A typical dish that is eaten in a region may inform us about so many things about the people who consume it. Traditions, natural resources, manners and customs, believe, economical backgrounds, history and more about the culture of a country.


    Does not a spaghettis plate with bologna sauce and tons of parmesan cheese say Italy? Or the words French fries can be reading on all menus of American restaurants as a primary side selection for any kind of dish where meat is the main course. Can you imagine Italy without spaghettis or United States without French fries?


    The same way, it is difficult to imagine Venezuela and others Latino countries without their typical dish of fried plantains or tajadas as a side for the main course. Venezuelan eats plantain or tajadas all over the country and every day.


    There are absolutely many ways to eat plantain, the same way there are many ways to prepare and to eat potato and even pasta but the most popular in Venezuela is the fried plantain cut it in long pieces and we called it “Tajadas”




    For two


    2 plantains (Yellow – no green or dark -)


    Cut in long pieces (The length vary, can be as long as the half of the plantain or less, but there are people who likes longer. See the video and pictures, also search in internet to have a better understanding.)


    Oil (4 Table spoons)




    Heat the oil for one to two minutes. (Medium heat, observe the oil all the time, do not leave alone, do not allow the oil to get so hot that it steams, if it steams it is too hot. Lower the heat immediately and do not put the plantain until it gets colder. When placing the plantain into the skillet, do it with care, if you let the “Tajada” to fall with strength, the oil can go up and you may be burn, take care).


    Place the long pieces of plantains (Tajadas) one by one on the skillet, be sure each piece has space, leave them to fry like for two minutes and then flip for the other side and allow two more minutes until you see the plantain becoming brown. You need to pay attention because they get burn very easy and become really dark soon.


    One by one take the Tajadas out of the skillet and place them in a plate. At the end put a napkin all over to dry the oil. Enjoy your new side international dish that goes with any kind of meat but as I advised you since the beginning of this article, eat Tajadas with moderation. Enjoy! Tajadas are eating with butter and white cheese.

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