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    civil rights

    You know what i'm sick of hearing that my past has anything to do with what is going on today. Yea true, i have a past. I know, that my past is my past. What I do today, tomorrow, and the next is what I need to be concerned about. Not what I did in my past. I learned from my mistakes and at all cost, I have not been in trouble except for a minor driving charges in 8 years other than a assault that was dismissed due to self defense in my home. I also want to say it does not give anyone the right to violate you or your civil rights as americans because of your past. I believe there should be a law established for people who have been unjustified in whatever form for there past not to be a factor unless dealing with criminal charges against that person. Just because someone goes and robs someone does not endorse justice upon someone that robbed that person because that person once robbed someone. That person who first robbed before he was robbed faced his time shouldnt the other one who did the crime to the principle robber serve time as well.
    When dealing with rape kit testing i do believe that it should be funded. Coming from someone like me who is not afraid to declare one but many injustices that have been opposed upon me from law officials, and people in our governmental agencies. I declare today that as President Barack Obama thrives for, and I personally stand with him on,- Is civil Rights! The liberties of all men today were founded on and expected to be lived by when our government bodies was formed , established, and founded.
    I too will over come as a woman who is endowed by certain unalienated rights given to me by our fore fathers. With ethics of today and morals that should be imposed, I believe we all as americans should fight back and overcome as did our past presidents did infact pursue and placed a law to be imposed amoung all men and women in the USA.
    You know I believe in L.B.J and I believe that when he set out to finish what Abraham Lincoln started when dealing with our civil liberties, He endowed us as Americans to face the challenges of our government bodies and gave us a positive source to declare our grievances before our government and its leaders as Quoted:
    Our objective must be to assure that all Americans play by the same rules, and all Americans play against the same odds. Who among us would claim that that is true today?
    We have proved that great progress is possible. We know how much still remains to be done. And if our efforts continue, and if our will is strong, and if our hearts are right, and if courage remains our constant companion, then my fellow Americans, I am confident, we shall overcome.
    I feel like him, and you know what he was not perfect either. No, not one is perfect except for God. We are all endowed with certain unalienated rights and that is to be or not limited to have the right for liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. I just don't believe that anyone no matter their past or future deserve the right to be unjustified by our leaders today. And because of so many injustices this states Government bodies and leaders have imposed on me, I mean it im thru. I promise to you that thus is far bigger than I, I will see to it that a change will come. Not only for me but as well as so many Americans that haven't the courage to step out of the shadows like me. My commitment is to stay strong and diligent. And no matter what this outcome I promise I will not stop here I will keep going to do whatever is needed to see we have a better future for ourselves as well as the future Americans of our Country Today.

    I Believe when a blind woman who suddenly sees will cherish her sight and use it for the betterment of herself and others. When we embrace this truth to be self evident and share it with others we project strength, gain respect acceptance and admiration from others. Our time is now to promote justice and liberties amongst each other to help us to build a foundation to keep us and future Americans from falling again. 
    Many injustices as to 2003 I was raped by a crime scene officer and because of my record and the rape kit and proof just so happened to come up missing they couldn't let me testify they said 9*28*2004 i was in the court i remeber it very clearly i will never forget him standing there with his wife i suppose. I walk over to the da's office and they tell me he is getting his charge dropped down to patronizing prostitution because he knew they found evidence and he knew i worked at a strip club he told them he gave me 20 while on duty mind you in a crime scene van and all the evidence was listed and i had a memorandium of items found inside the van the crime scene my and his clothes and guess what because Quote the prosecutor states because of my criminal record and lost discovery he got off and guess what he was later arrested in a prostitution sting in 2007 and charged again but guess what all the evidence was officially oppressed.
    Let me say this, at that time, no i was not prostituting nor was i looking for problems. I had a warrant and he was in a crime scene van and he used that on me to handcuff me and put me in a crime van and take me and rape and sodomize me and humiliate me but painfully in so many ways still to this day. and just because you lost my kit for discovery to coincide with my case my history plays a part. GET REAL do you actually believe that i would call the law to myself and knowing i had a warrant if this man paid me to have sex with him no. I did not like how the commercial appeal said my case was because he was patronizing prostitution with a prostitute and rape was dismissed. Really Now Mayor A.C Wharton Blames us the victims here in memphis publicly on Wreg.com memphis tn And then publically apologizes after my comment to him on wreg.com memphis tn. link to and look at my comments by wendy foster- zuniga http://wreg.com/2014/04/16/mayor-blames-rape-victims-lawsuit-for-tough-time-getting-funding-for-rape-kit-testing/ .... And he apologizes here link to http://wreg.com/2014/04/17/i-regret-any-misunderstanding-mayor-apologizes-for-comments-rape-victims-found-insensitve/ologizes here..... link to
    I thought his remarks were down right a mess like him. I have other issues going on with the city and some how i was informed by a unavailable number that my rape kit was just found inside the office of the sheriff eairlier last week and they hung up it. I couldn't find out anything else. I believe thru and thru I have been diligent, I have been fair, I have been patient, and i have been unjustified on so many measures here in memphis tn by our so called leaders. Your not leaders your just a mess called a leader Get with the program if you cant do you job get out and let those who can and will do it for you. Quit wasting tax payers money and start doing what needs to be done done. AND DONT BLAME ME CAUSE YOU CANT GET IT RIGHT> I will see monday if i can sue behind this now they have found my kit.
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