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    Posted April 20, 2014 by
    Tarpon Springs, Florida
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    Home and Away: Remembering the fallen

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    Deserved Respect


    Thinking back a few months ago, I read an article that I shared on a social network about the Coast Guard standing by and helping one of it's recruits families in a time of need; it brought me to another thought that I would like to share.


    Before I do though, I would first like to start by saying that it was nice to read some positive news for once, especially when it comes down to the military looking out for their own and helping a brave Coastie and her family deal with her mother's cancer and the US Coast Guard doing everything they possibly could to help them.


    The thought that came to me though while reading her "Why I serve" essay had to do with her statement of: " When some people think about the United States Coast Guard, they envision a rescue saving, action packed military branch that protects our waters, our coastal resources and the people of the United States."


    All of this is true and as a past US Coast Guard Auxiliarist I can vouch that the US Coast Guard is a very hard working military branch that deserves respect that it often does not receive by so many. I've personally heard and read so many remarks people make such as "the Coast Guard shouldn't even be considered part of the military", or when referring to our military they talk about the "4" branches of the US Armed Forces instead of 5. People think that the US Coast Guard's main function is to strictly just pull people out of the water who are in distress. Yes, one of the multi-mission functions of the Coast Guard is to save lives and do just that, pull people out of the water who are in distress. However, there is so much more that the US Coast Guard does. It is written in part of our ethos:






    However so many are truly ignorant to the fact of the Coast Guards vast and important role as a federal Law Enforcement Agency as well as being a mutually important part of our military. They also don't understand that the US Coast Guard serves in wartime and has been deployed into the combat zone of every major conflict since the creation of the United States Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard has suffered many losses of brave men and women who were doing what they loved. We need to remember the fallen and never forget their ultimate sacrifice.


    The simple point of me writing this is to remind those who have either forgotten or just did not know, the Coast Guard is one of the 5 branches of the US Armed Forces and please don't ever treat a man or woman in the US Coast Guard like less of a member in our great nations military. Whether they are Active Duty, a Reservist, an Auxiliarist, or a Civilian member of the Coast Guard, they all deserve the same respect as any member of our Armed Forces. A simple thank you goes a long way to these brave men and women. I have always been so very grateful to those who came up to me while either in uniform or while just wearing a t-shirt with "Coast Guard" written on it, and had someone say "thank you for what you do and have done".


    We also need to remember to give thanks to members of all of the branches of the Armed Forces, they're all equally important and the true real life heroes of our nation. We also need to thank the other heroes who we pass by and see everyday: Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, etc. Anyone who helps serve the public and ensures our safety and health deserves our thanks.


    I would just like to say a simple "thank you", to all of those who look out for us on a daily basis and always stand ready for the call.


    Semper Paratus

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