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    marrekach, Morocco
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    Marrakech international symposium under the banner of the center for teachers without violence

    I knew the auditorium to secondary Jericho for special education in Marrakech international symposium on 13 and April 14, 2014 organized by the Association of Moroccan university solidarity of the oldest associations in Morocco , where traces its foundation to Thelatnaat the last century and set the year 1934 and in partnership with the federal independent of solidarity in France and which share a partnership Mend September 2009 and was selected for the international Symposium on this topic with the slogan: for the middle school without violence . The seminar was attended by distracting this topic as well as Chairman of Moroccan university solidarity Mr. Abdul Jalil Bahdo and is one of the pioneers of the General Office of the National Organization and by the head of the French la fas Mr. roger crueq and his deputy, Mr. xavier hrr. And leuasseur and two members were mandated mission Also attended by French expert in the field of prevention and response to violence in the middle school and adviser to the Minister of National Education , France and the former captain of the lawyers stadium francis lec adviser lafas Paris It was also attended by Mr. Fouad Chafiki head Curriculum Directorate at the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training and my father contributed presented under the title : the priorities of addressing the manifestations of violence in schools in the national education system Ismail also attended the stadium upper Stadium cognitive neuropsychology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ax and my father in turn gave a scientifically under the title : Violence in school and programming optic nerve of the violent scenes Besides the presence of the stadium Hassan Faraj in charge of the regional observatory to address violence in schools _ Academy Tansvi Haouz Marrakech and my father participated display of violence in the region of the middle school situation Marrakech Steering data and statistics resulted in the rate of violence that characterized the city of Marrakech are followed by a 51.30 in the castle b 16.3 b Haouz hundred and Rahamna 15:25 and 6:24 and 5:50 and the city of Essaouira Chichaoua 4.25 . percent , which by the way has been allocated for the organizers of the seminar certificate of appreciation It also marked the symposium this topic Bardan expert French first session in the morning April 13 under the titlehow to combine science and action in the fight against al veolence school of international observatory al veolence school has the ministerial delegationAnd second display in the evening session for the same day under the title
    the new educational triangle the school parents and peers al hour of internetIt also marked the third meeting day April 14, 2014 presented a last resort for the French expertm eric debar biruxUnder the titleeducational justice and possitions al ecole contradictions at the heart of educative in France and elsewhereAnd with the participation of the stadium Abdul Aziz Al-Ateeqi lawyer and adviser to university solidarity of the Moroccan Bar Association Fez's parents made ​​an offer legally entitled to the legal protection of a member of the teaching staff in Zzivth also added after knead French Capt. Francis Lake presented under the titlethe legal rules that govern disciplinary procedures in FranceTo signal attended occupancy this topic seminar representatives of trade unions and private P d St. and K. El Sayed Mohamed Zgra member of the National Office and a representative of the National Union for the job Moroccan Marrakech and president of the Business Social Mr. Mamoon knew this topic international symposium discussion meaningful distinct from the audience my father was a component of all the provinces of the Kingdom and knead to contribute to the symposium Madkorh also developed interventions events this topic symposium distinctive prints on the wound and exposed Balvdh and reality imposed on the sector is one of the priorities of the states where he presented each one of the actors ability and proposals concerning the debate about this topic phenomenon which has become not only a national but by globalization and global technological revolution that contributed to the freedom of expression and the creation of many of the social sites , which was exploited by some in the negative side And some in-depth discussion of the various aspects and dimensions of spatial , social and legal phenomenon to this topic , which has become rampant in developed societies and others , and after standing on the size and the enormity of the suffering endured by his students and teachers / T. Both serious scourge of this topic through certificates documented and influential made ​​by the audience and that Abozort cases are almost depth of violence and abuse on women and men as a result of education Many were beaten and some crumbs and wound sustained impairments And necessitated this topic symposium intervention of Mr. Abdul Jalil Bahdo 's parents thanked the participants of the two French and Moroccan and my father gave a gift to the French delegation and Asatdh lecturers Moroccans for their presentations value , which impressed the audience and thanks go to secondary Jericho and to soldiers hiding on the organization of the arbitrator and the their heads Abdul Aziz Stadium for travelers to Marrakech seminar called institutions and bodies concerned with political and civic engagement to the administrator to find answers Klhalol to put an end to the suffering endured by his students , especially women and men education educators for generations Starter source of regional solidarity university stadium Noureddine Kandil
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