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    BioCorRx Finds Solution to Workplace Alcoholism

    Latest data showed that close to 15 million individuals who hold full time employment in the United States are alcoholic. In fact, the problem of alcoholism in the workplace has become one of the biggest concerns of employers considering that it impacts not only on the productivity of the company but also on the health and safety of the employees themselves.

    Alcohol Concern, a national charity working on alcohol issues, said that the impact of alcohol misuse in the workplace is a result of excessive drinking in leisure time, drinking before a shift or during lunch breaks or even during working hours, resulting in long term effect on the employee’s work performance.

    Specifically, a person with an increased blood alcohol level oftentimes commits errors of judgment, poor decision-making and damages customer relations. Alcohol Concern enumerated specific productivity problems to include procrastination, inconsistent performance, neglect of duty, poorer quality of work, less quantity of work and more frequent mistakes.

    Worse, alcoholism in the workplace often results to health problems or even fatal accidents. While there are no exact figures on the number of workplace accidents as a result of alcohol use, around 40% of accidents at the workplace would be attributed to alcohol use, according to the International Labour Organization.

    In a survey by YouGov for PruHealth, it was reported that the after effects of drinking can also impair work attendance and performance. According to this group, if the problem of alcoholism persists, it can lead to a range of social, psychological and medical problems.

    An addiction treatment and rehabilitation company, BioCorRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX - http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=BICX) has developed a highly effective program called the Start Fresh ProgramTM to address the problem of alcoholism. The Start Fresh Program™ is an alcohol treatment program that suppresses alcohol cravings using a minimally invasive, time-released implant of the FDA-approved drug, Naltrexone.

    The program consist of two components used by various addiction clinics in the US, the first consisting of an outpatient implant procedure to be done by a licensed physician that deliver therapeutic levels of Naltrexone, and the second component which is a coaching program developed by BioCorRx mainly for the treatment of alcoholism and other substance addiction.

    "Since the implant is surgically implanted, it must be completely sterilized first," according to Brady Grainier, BioCorRx (http://www.startfreshprogram.com) chief operating officer. "Any compound that is implanted or injected needs to be free of contamination and the Drug Quality and Security Act will make sure that these compounds are safe for use if all compounding pharmacies follow the rules," he added.

    BioCorRx does not manufacture Naltrezone. Naltrezone is an opioid antagonist that significantly reduces physical crawling for alcohol, but uses it for the treatment program which has an 85 percent success rate.

    With the rampant problem of alcoholism in the workplace, employers would be greatly benefitted with BioCorRx’s program.

    The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has expressed support to BioCorRx’s program. "We support the full range of all forms of medication being made available to people trying to reduce or stop their opiate abuse," said Meghan Ralston, DPA’s harm reduction manager. "People are different, so they should have a range of treatments and medications available to them along with social and psychological support that promotes well-being."
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