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    Posted April 21, 2014 by
    Denver, Colorado

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    Scenes from Denver's 420 celebration


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TheJeremyNix says that the 420 gatherings in Civic Center Park in Denver have been happening since the '70s. "The 420 event has always been done as a celebration of counter culture; just a day for marijuana users to express their feelings and protest the illegality of marijuana," he said. "This year the event was much more organized and controlled."

    TheJeremyNix says that the 420 event was "interesting" because it was the first time that marijuana users were able to gather on such a mass scale since it was legalized in Colorado. He also found it funny that Easter and 420 happened to coincide. "I even saw a few people still dressed in their Easter Best walking around at the 420 rally," he said.
    - Verybecoming, CNN iReport producer

    A green cloud descended on the park.
    The crowd shuffled and smoked and meandered
    and smoked and shuffled and smoked

    Old heads and young blood
    tough guys and hippies
    girls of all shapes and sizes

    guys too
    dogs too
    and every once in a while you might see a baby in a stroller

    guys and dogs and babies of all shapes and sizes

    a constant scent of weed in the air
    every one here has cotton mouth

    unmanned drones scan the crowd from above
    security guards on tall scaffolding
    armed to the teeth
    helicopters frequently circle the park
    fences circle the park
    cops circle the park

    deviance and good Samaritan-ism
    face to face

    the hall monitors vs the kids from detention
    the free spirits vs the straight and narrows

    Over the Public address system a man says: “You are standing on some of the freest soil in America right now”

    He said it from behind a riot fence and a wall of bullet proof glass
    with a fence holding all the freedom lovers in one area
    subject to searches on the way in AND out

    it feels like they are laughing at us
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