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    Posted April 21, 2014 by
    Jackson, Kentucky

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    The Zodiac Killer Ciphers Finally Solved?



    Beginning in the late 1960's there were a series of murders followed by a series of letters and codes sent to local Bay area newspapers.  The man who sent the letters called himself "THE ZODIAC".  Of these codes only one was ever definitively solved . The 408 cipher so named because it has 408 characters. More codes followed but never solved. In this article I will talk a little about the 340 cipher (so named because it has 340 characters), and the "My Name is Cipher". There may have been recent developments in the Zodiac Killer codes. I believe the "my name is" cipher is a transposition/substitution cipher , and when you figure it out it gives us another clue in finding the Zodiac Killers real name.  The discovery was made when it was found that  there are six dots on the Zodiac 340 cipher. When you draw lines round these dots they reveal a cluster of dice around the Zodiac 340 cipher. Embedded in one of the clusters of these dice is the Zodiac "V" symbol he created on the Halloween card that was sent to San Francisco Chronicle journalist , Paul Avery.That lead to the discovery that when you overlay the Phillips 66 map sent by the killer over the 340 cipher it reveals hidden locations on the map. An unbelievable stoke of luck happened when the "my name is cipher" was laying out and a joke was made about "this brings new meaning to connecting the dots". It was realized that there are three 8balls in the "my name is cipher" and there are  three "T"s in connecT The doTs. This lead to many more discoveries. The pictures above are just a small sample. Some one in the professional field of law enforcement or code breaking should take a look at this. For more information and details on the discoveries and possible solutions please read the full article through the link below.

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