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    Arezzo Tourism insult Easter Pero della Francesca

    Arezzo Tourism insult Easter Pero della Francesca

    Having said that SAVE PIERO SALVAPIERO International Committee for the Safeguarding of Piero della Francesca apologizes for the serious disadvantage , even for the prank , which have been subjected to the visitors by the dealer services related to the ticket office for visits to the frescoes ' inside the Basilica of St. Francis

    a real joke that the dealer, so to speak , of the ticket , which is open from 9 am blackbird on Easter Sunday for a visit to the cycle of frescoes of the Legend of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca, who are inside the Basilica St. Francis has offered to unsuspecting , few indeed , visitors who presented himself at the ticket office to pay for and pick up your tickets for entry included the absurd 2 € booking fee for compulsory , as it happens , the dealer , have been told that up to 13 hours tickets could not be sold because the ticket office was open "only" for the " gold over the centuries " held in Sottochiesa the Basilica of San Francesco cha upstairs has frescoes by Piero della Francesca

    Astonishment and anger are certainly not lacking, but there is more , the very kind gentleman said all'operatrice , innocent of all this, and that was limited to apply this stupid order that the licensee is not autopuniva selling tickets for ' entry , which could answer the phone ringing all the time you heard an amazing :

    "No matter , it is the phone for booking the frescoes of Piero della Francesca in which I can not answer until 13 pm "

    at this point the very kind gentleman , and not just him , he really felt teased as he found the number of reservations on the website of the dealer , and when he rang the convent of the Friars replied that certainly do not take reservations , this is just another of the problems which the current dealer spreads right and left continuously

    there is a bad ending , when the same gentleman asked when he came to pay with his family and friends and asked if we could pay by credit card he was told that only accept cash ciontante , the bad ending was that the lord after about ten minutes cloying discussion , and we must say that the operator was very kind , professional and patient , he immediately decided to leave the city of Arezzo declaring inhospitable and not prepared for tourist

    as a reason not to give it

    Institutions of Arezzo and the Mayor Mr. Giuseppe Fanfani the task of cease with immediate effect this incomprehensible system adopted by the licensee that may threaten the tourist season just started with the steady decline in attendance in a city that has had from his new grant , grant that in the past had an exemplary stop , again because of poor service and other, dealer , which used a different company, and of course now closed ripresentatosi with a new name but with the usual bad habits

    we hope that they do it really for the good of a city that is experiencing a dramatic period due to the continuous closures of industrial and commercial activities which obviously led to loss of job and salary of thousands of Arezzo and Arezzo , cultural tourism is not the panacea that cures all evil but it helps greatly to revive a dying old town and the desert

    SAVEPIERO SALVAPIERO has already begun collecting signatures right in front of the Basilica of San Francesco, with an online petition addressed to His Holiness Francis I and the Minister for Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini for the expansion of the visits to the Basilica of St. Francis now are prohibited and restricted only to 25 people every 30 minutes that they can see the frescoes in the Bacci Chapel entering closely , the maximum number allowed for the purpose of preservation of the frescoes themselves , but that could very well be seen from the inside of the Basilica albeit regulated in the number and in the distance by charging a ticket reduced compared to that which allows a visit to close

    the cycle of frescoes of the Legend of the True Cross can not become the prey of a dealer or a money -hungry Superintendent , always favorable to him , the frescoes of Piero della Francesca are artistic heritage of all humanity and while taking all necessary precautions for the protection of the works you can not let the sun visits to a maximum of 50 people per hour , this really is delinquent and is taking some time off completely by spinning the Art City as a city that Arezzo has a historic center that every step has important works of art and museums packed with beautiful specimens of all kinds and artistic genre

    fabio fioroni
    coordinator SAVEPIERO SALVAPIERO International Committee for the Safeguarding of Piero della Francesca

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