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    Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher and My Solution


    My solution to the Zodiac 340 cipher


    My solution to the Zodiac 340 cipher is the Dear Melvin Letter. Place the Dear Melvin letter over the 340 cipher add the letters above or below each cipher symbol. The first message is achieved by taking the “letters only” from the 340 cipher and the corresponding letter of the Dear Melvin letter. You will get a message “DEAV/ IT/ IS/ I /HOAS/ PEN/……I /SEE /IN /US /BEASTS/………AND SO ON….BOB/IS/ASS. There is more, I am just giving an example and a shortened version.


    In the text you can then isolate the symbols to read as mini ciphers. Examples are “Hah I win”, ”cut them/car/lake”, “I Thor”,” Theodolite”, “Lee/him/idiot”


    The next part is a big jumble word search puzzle that starts you off with the word ”Wizard” in the top left corner of the cipher. The whole puzzle will completely use each space except a few left over letters that will read as a message. All the words form the case are in there. Examples are all the names of newspapers, first and last names of all the victims, the name of all the cities and places the attacks occurred including street names and all other information from the case to include words like “Timex”, “The confession” and so on.


    On the 340 cipher with the Melvin letter imposed upon it, the center left and right side give the clue to use the “mean center” when you go to place the cross hare symbol to further work out more of the solution of the 340 cipher.I thought I should add a little more.


    I had a thought concerning something I read in Gareth Penn’s book “Times 17”. So, I checked it out and well everything lined up as stated in his suggestion in the “Times 17” book, Part 5, page 341. I filled in all the blocks just as he described and it all read out as it should. I placed the boxes where he indicated. It basically reads the “Dear Melvin” letter with the indicated pattern he suggested. I find this interesting.


    Michelle Brockman

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