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    Posted April 21, 2014 by

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    We Are Suffering Almighty God


    We Are Suffering Almighty God:   Here is a brief synapsis of the quality of life we are now leading.  Please my joyful friends.  There is a light that Our Heavenly Creator or First Father.  Please continue to remain on "straight street" as we pilgrim to ponder one greater than we think we are.  You should remember humbly that there are those "we envy and abhor" that (might) think they're something when they are nothing.  Even they hold truth in this iniquity that there is one greater.  You might consider I'm dissing football professionals or entertainers.  It is the philosophy before our blinded eyes that claim some as saints?  This also evolves into worship... as you probably never concluded; that - did you know that every item on the supermarket shelves is a best seller!  Best Seller: like Planters Spanish Peanuts!  God has no respect for individuals or caste's that claim holier than thou.  As Jesus said: "It rains on the rich and poor alike."  This should bring us to some conclusion that God Made Us Equal.  Ipso-Facto!  It does more than mean that,  God has given us all gifts to enrich one and other... we shall find our mode of a labor of love.  Just ask God if you don't dwell in your yet.  You can even boldly stand before him, and state your sour deal... to even hate Him makes God weep for you are courageous and strive for excellence, where no woman or man has gone before + + + question those three symbols of love we shared yesterday.  That guy died in an other dimension, to save lost sheep... while all alone He pointed to Straight Street.  AKA: The Promise of 120 years.  You say you see but you don't see?  Now you see?  Right!  Don't be concerned over what others have, but sow your seed on fertile ground, and do not dash the rock.  Unless it's the Rock of Horeb, as found in dowsing or sweet water.  Even I yearn to taste life to the fullest.  But sacrifice is a full life in itself.  This is one way of sowing seeds, as Emmanuel or also William H Gates.  With many of us it called micro-philanthropy and it's as much fun as visiting upon the lame or the sick...   Do you know that the mentally challenged and albinos are really hybrids.  Give them breeding grounds, as onto the Moabites and the Jesubites.  You see our suffering can be good stress, and mutate us into immortal beings: "If My People Seek My Face... I Will Dwell Amongst Them!"  Did you hear what God just offered us?  To Dwell Amongst Us!  I don't mean Jesus, but Old Grand Dad.  Wow kids!  Quit crying: God knows we all want kids!  That's Cool.  Huh.  Did you know that the God of Everyone: "wishes none should perish, oh no... not one!  Even the cute little Peeps!  Chirp!  Chirp!  Never be deceived, God knew the end from the beginning... He has a master plan... wishing on a star.  Amen Brought to you by: David M. Pedjoe Hammering out thesis' and concepts to litigate a wider range of Equality. Guaranteed Computed Vehicle Here!

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