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    Posted April 22, 2014 by

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    Where is this nation headed?

    Many call me a very strong Conservative, which is most likely true. I have a deep love for our great nation, the United States of America and simply want the best for this great nation. Unfortunately it appears that we are heading down a dark road that is unknown to us and we have no navigational equipment to get us out. President Obama was exposed for illegally allowing the NSA to view texts and emails with no warrants and to also listen in illegally on United States Citizens phone calls with no warrants or justification at all. Do you really believe that all they were doing was collecting encrypted data that they weren't decoding? Do you honestly believe that no one was reading the texts or emails of honest Americans? Do you honestly believe that no one was intercepting random phone calls made by law abiding Citizens? It was proven that they were in fact doing all of the above and admitted by many within the intelligence community who finally said that enough was enough. Those who were exposed that knew that they were in the wrong and acting outside of federal law, including President Obama, are not about to simply come out say "okay, you found us out. We are listening to a great amount of what you say or text". They have to defend themselves and attempt to soften what was exposed and attempt as much of a cover up as possible about what was exposed. Think about it for a second that if you were caught in a lie and had no other option but to admit wrongdoing, you are still going to try and save face. I simply do not understand how people are okay with what has transpired. I ask that you put aside your political party affiliation for just a few minutes and truly sit and think about this situation thoroughly. Would you be okay with everyone in your city or town being able to eavesdrop on everything you say, email, or text to family, friends, or coworkers? Are you okay with the fact that one little thing you say could be misconstrued and place you under a secret investigation by your very own government without your knowledge? During the investigation, due to it being in secret and without your knowledge, you would have no way to defend yourself or correct anything that they had misconstrued. I feel as though many Americans have completely forgotten how important our constitutional rights are. We need to protect those rights and not allow them to be taken away from us. Those rights were given to us to ensure our right to remain free and unoppressed in this great country that once actually stood for freedom. I understand that many Obama supporters simply think that they must stand by their President no matter what the circumstances, but you need to remember that your constitutional rights are being violated as well. Wrongdoings have been committed here and it's time to stop being forced to be separated by political party affiliation and for once, let's stand together as Americans to make sure that we are treated fairly and just.
    I have only discussed the one scandal regarding President Obama and have not even gotten into the IRS targeting of conservative groups, or mentioned the clear negligence with the Benghazi incident resulting in the loss of American lives. I have also not even touched on the "Affordable Care Act", or his clear attack on the Second Amendment rights of United States Citizens. When is Congress going to stand up and say enough is enough? What more does he have to do before impeachment proceedings are begun?
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