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    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Dedicated to documenting miscarriages of justice

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    According to this case We need your help and supporting..

    The right to a fair trial (the right to a fair trial) is actually a set of procedural guarantees to ensure that the proceedings are fair, including aspects such as equality before the courts (equality before a court), the presumption of innocence (assumption of innocence); not be applied retrospectively (prohibition of ex post facto laws);

    Opposition Phuong Canh Ngo judgment

    "We are deeply concerned by the Australian court sentenced Phuong Canh Ngo."

    Mr. Ngo Canh Phuong not guilty

    "We call on the Australian government to release Ngo Canh Phuong and prisoners of conscience and allow Phuong Canh Ngo express HIS views peacefully."

    Dedicated to documenting miscarriages of justice and examining the shortcomings of the criminal justice system. Includes articles, cases and history…Justice must be served. But it's not always served the right way, like when people go to prison for crimes that they never committed.

    Human Rights in Vietnam's overall social relationships related to the implementation of human rights in Vietnam and also issues related to human rights (political rights imply) that cause very controversy between the government of Vietnam and a number of international human rights organizations and Western governments like the United States.

    According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a national government should ensure the basic human rights (such as the civil and political rights, the right to freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the right of association ... ). The development of human civilization is the right to have more and more and it is guaranteed.

    Tragedy advance of a politician Vietnamese Oversea

    Phuong Ngo scene ( NCP ) ,

    The case of Mr Ngo Phuong Canh Australian media stir ...

    Phuong Canh Ngo blames defense lawyers in court last cung14/10/2008

    Sydney -Ngo Canh Phuong , who was convicted criminals to assassinate politicians of Australia 's first , has blamed the group claimed responsibility for a lawyer to defend him in court eventually , lead to life sentence no part in reducing that he suffered a miscarriage of justice for many years . He stated , defense counsel did not ask him to explain himself in court and defense , as well as making themselves more evidence in favor itself cung.Ong The last trial has shown that mistakes his advocacy group committed to , such as not asking the man claiming to have shot Rep. John Newman NSW before the jury . Be it remembered , Rep. John Newman politician of the NSW Labor Party , who was shot dead outside his home in Cabramatta after meeting internal Labor Day 9/5/1994 . After constantly hearing ( including a hearing was abolished and a jury was abolished ) , Phuong Canh Ngo final ( who served as councilor of Fairfield City Council ) has been associated murder politician John Newman of the Supreme court in NSW . Mr. Phuong was considered instigators and are the first to be convicted of murder politicians in Australia . The case of Mr. Phuong Canh Ngo stir Australian media at the time as well as information about the time he was put on the cover of newspapers and newsletters Australia 's first Australian television . Two other defendants suspected of being his accomplice method , in which a man police suspect is the shooter and the other was the driver , was acquitted and see as not to interfere People assassination plan John Newman said Phuong .

    Mr. Ngo Canh Phuong was a Vietnam boat people , who had served as council councilor in Fairfield for 11 years until his arrest in 1998 . In the third trial , 2001, he was fully committed every decision for defense counsel . At that time , his mother died that he was deteriorating mentally and stated he was " let go " does not struggle to get opportunities for self- defense . He listened to defense attorneys : do not give any evidence and only revolves around the question of witness Albert Ranse . Witness that he confessed to her Ranse Marion Le , a friend of Ngo Phuong Canh , that he had killed Newman . He was later interrogated several times by Mr. Nick Kialdas , who served as deputy commander of the NSW Police . He Ranse was called out in a second trial along with his wife and eventually his absence in court Tuesday .

    On Wednesday , when the judge asked him about the possibility that his method can Ranse who masterminded his killing Newman , Mr. Phuong said : " If you asked me about this issue and I believe he has done anything Ranse that , my answer is I do not know " . He also stated in court that he had recently discovered two rooms in Mekong Club , where a witness said he heard the phone ring in the evening Mr. Newman died , as soundproofing . Another witness was guaranteed immunity from prosecution , alias Mr. T , Phuong Canh Ngo said he used to call him from a club in Cabramatta by mobile phone in the evening . After that , he was almost " kidnapped " when he was killed Newman . Phuong Canh Ngo has spent 10 years of his murder sentence Newman and detained in prison at Goulburn solidly .

    Phuong Ngo scene ( NCP ) , the only man convicted in Australia " political assassination " ( Political assasination ) , will have to remain in jail after a former judge , an appellate court judge , the conclusion of the evidence used to justify his NCP " very harmful for him complained that innocent people ." he NCP , 50, was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of masterminding assassination of John Newman in the third trial in 2001 but the two accomplices , "driver " Quang Do and " gunmen " David 's Palace , was acquitted .


    Mr. David Patten , former District Court judge , said that the documents cited in the survey " has increased rather than decreased ," the prosecutor's allegations that he had masterminded NCP his assassination John Newman , Labour MPs unit Cabramatta in Sydney's southwest on September 5th year 1994.Ong Patten was very strict with his NCP supporters , saying " they have almost forgotten the strength of the evidence they give . " Mr Patten said he will not feel " guilty or uneasy about crimes of Mr. Wu " and he also had his critics NCP , former Deputy Mayor of Fairfield is a city heavily . " After watching Mr. Wu as a witness , I must say that I do not see him as a witness of truth or reliability . I'm not willing to accept any evidence of Ngo except it has been independently verified , "he said.He Patten Patten refers to the " character of these changes are evidence he presented to respond to emergencies " during the trial and described the NCP his explanation of his actions on the night of the murder " is not convincing . " again, he is also the Chief court of NSW , Jim Spiegelman , has ordered an investigation carried out his sentence after NCP 's Four Corners program ABC and a professor submission of Hugh Selby , said that there are doubts serious evidence Phuong Canh Ngo charged .


    On 17/4/2009 , Judge Selby has distributed 211 page long report of Mr. Patten , the results of a public survey lasted 36 days with 23 witnesses and 194 of his works Patten co.Phuc focused on the accuracy of the evidence of the use of his mobile phone NCP , reliable level of immunity, two witnesses ( Mr T and Mr N ) and the prosecutor accused has not to know the important news in the interrogation after the 3rd between NSW Police Deputy Commander at the time was Nick Kaldas and former Fairfield councilor Albert Ranse .

    Mr. Patten also described as NCP explanation about his " forgetting " the accomplice 's criminal record ( including a manslaughter conviction ) is " not convincing ." He also narrated what had 3 times John Newman assassination NCP after he ordered a gun and he NCP has asked other witnesses that could help him " to exclude a person " fears or not .

    Meanwhile , Ms Marion Le said that , the question of who pulled the trigger remains unanswered and the only reprocess past " for people to protect their territory ." Le also rejected Mr Patten 's conclusion that she was " completely lost target " . She asked back , " What goal ? It all depends on one's point of view only ..
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