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    Posted April 22, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Impunity spawns permissiveness

    Russian annexation of the Crimea and developing Ukrainian crisis put the world community with a fait accompli inefficiency and vulnerability of the existing system of collective security, demonstrate the possibility of invasion a strong country in a weaker one contrary to their commitments to ensure its territorial integrity with the connivance and incoherent position of other guarantors.
    Putin's Russia is perfectly captured the cynical methods of double standards in foreign policy, when a cause is not always a reason. And the Kremlin openly flourishes in response to criticism of its actions in Ukraine.
    Using such patterns Russia implements its geopolitical project in Ukraine, encouraging the international community and its citizens rhetorical question: why they can, but we can not?
    In this discussion masterfully led away from the main argument, that the Kremlin has simply nothing to beat: in the case of Ukraine, the first clear international obligations violated - Budapest Memorandum, when in 1994 Ukraine voluntarily gave up the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal under the guarantee of the inviolability of its territory and sovereignty. Guarantors were the leading countries of the world, including Russia.
    Gross violation of such contracts and the inadequate response of the world community poses a lot of questions. For example, how justified perennial pressure on Iran and North Korea to their renunciation of nuclear weapons, because if Ukraine had a devastating arsenal now, perhaps Russia would behave more restrained? As in the current realities behave neutral and nonaligned states? Probably they need to consider joining the military-political blocs that will increase the tension and confrontation in the world?
    Today Moscow's strategy is visible to the naked eye. The Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov regularly lamented the failure of allegedly commitments of the West not to involve NATO in Eastern Europe. Russia fears that the Alliance approached too close to its borders. Clearly, what fraternal Ukraine plays the role of the Kremlin “safety cushion”.
    Indecision on the Ukrainian question by the U.S. and EU have caused damage to its image of defenders of democracy and world order. Even the recent attempt to rehabilitate in the eyes of the world community in Geneva lead to nothing. Characteristically, while the text of the Geneva Agreement was imposed on Ukraine, Putin has publicly acknowledged that all events in the Crimea until the referendum monitored by armed Russian security forces. Explicit became officially apparent. Impunity spawned permissiveness.
    Today, everyone is waiting for a response from the U.S. and the EU. It would be the litmus test of the effectiveness of the global security system.

    Arthur Gashenko (Ukrainian journalist) for U-time.eu
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