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    Posted April 22, 2014 by
    Cherry point, North Carolina
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    This is not many stories or changing the story

    The fact of all of these things is not the story changing or that there are many other stories. These are the actions of many and the plans for all the parties involved. And just the fact of this story of all of these different people its what makes so complicated. Why again these are not the actions of one person these are the actions of many who got themselves involved in matters which do not pertain to any of them.

    At one all of the marines involved were even thinking about getting Cpl salgado Lebron in to so much trouble Just to see if he can go crazy and killed himself just so they can all give his exgirlfriend all of the money from his life insurance.

    The fact of all of these is each and every Staff NCO Officer and Law enforcement official involved in the case should have been arrested. Why not only was everyone of them sitting on the same boat but in their infinite wisdom everyone of the complied with making a false case against him to get this women monetary compensation. They even decided to create a false pattern from the age of 18 years old against CPL salgado Lebron where he has been allegedly been beating on women and raping them since that age.

    But the fact is CPL salgado Lebron Has never even raised his hand against a woman never in his whole entire life. But yet the Marines Corps went and try to make all kinds of different ways to mold that marine in to the piece of shit everyone them wanted him to be. Such a bright future to a marine isn't it. Yes Cpl Salgado Lebron was thinking and thing and thinking about all of it for a very long time and the more he though about all of these this his sacrifice to become a marine wasn't worth it not anymore.

    He was no longer proud of wearing that uniform and sometimes he didn't even knew why he got up shave and went to work alongside his enemies which were plotting and scheming every day to have him destroyed on crimes these marine did not committed.

    Serving the marine Corps was no longer something that he was proud of it was now a shameful burden in his life. and everybody though it was ok to lie ok to stalked him around and everyone of them though it ok because he was apparently going to be incarcerated to the rest of his life. But he knew he wasn't but what he also knew is that each and everyone of them wanted this to happen and everyone of the collaborated in the lie.

    The police department the Marine corps the investigators the federal agents a whole entire military branch angry about lies and crimes he never had anything to do with but do you think that any one of them was going to tell him all of the crimes the marine corps was trying to put on him of course not the plan was for him to take the hit and shut the f up.

    why would these marine would want to continue his service when the marine corps its constantly trying to hit him with everything they all can. I don't thing the marine corps ever understood why he no longer on his last days in the marine corps he wanted to be by himself. He didn't miss being around marines he didn't miss the marine corps at all and he actually got in a lot less trouble hanging out with civilians in town.

    He didn't miss the marine the marine corps had become nothing but a burden to him a reminder of their betrayal every time they came around he no longer wanted them around the marine had become a pest in his life that he wanted to get rid off.

    Everything Cpl salgado Lebron worked for in the us Military had been washed off with their own lies and betrayal why should he even care about life of any of these marines. They were obviously trying to get to that sgli money none of the cared about his safety or his life there was nothing in the marine corps that he should have cared about any longer.

    Byt the way he doesn't wear his uniform any longer and he has made a nice pile of confetti with it so the marine corps can come and pick it when they feel like. Why did he made his uniform confetti why should he give his uniform to a bunch of domestic terrorist come and pick upt his uniform you cant wear his uniform no longer.
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