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    Shinjo Abe's accounts

    Hong Kong newspaper "Wenweipo"(http://www.wenweipo.com)with the reference to an anonymous source reported that the US Intelligence Agencies had found several bank accounts on the territory of countries in East and South-East Asia which are supposed to be controlled by Japan Prime-minister Shinjo Abe. On this accounts is allegedly kept more than a hundred million dollars.
    The accounts were opened in several banks in Siangan and Singapore such as "Far Eastern Bank" and "Hang Seng Bank". Only in these two banks the total amount of money, stored an Abe's accounts exceeds 50 million dollars.
    It took US intelligence several years to identify actual owners of these funds, the "Wenweipo" newspaper reports. The accounts, registered on the nominees, in fact, belong to Abe and his next-of-kin. Some of them were opened during Abe's firs term on the post of prime-minister.
    According to "Wenweipo", the accounts were not made public because the US doesn't want to strike position of Prime-minister Abe, who is seen by Washington as the main ally in the US government's plan to increase its influence in the region. Furthermore, the article argues that the Obama's administration is actively using this information to put pressure on Abe.
    This, according to the newspaper, explains Abe's Cabinet active measures aimed to enhance political and military cooperation with the United States, including relaxation of Japan long-held restriction on arms exports, signing of an agreement on deploying in Japan two additional destroyer-ships equipped with Aegis anti-missile systems and active attempts of Japanese government to lift self-imposed restrictions on collective self-defense.
    In response, the US not only ignores this "juicy" information, but also allows Abe to continue to replenish his secret accounts. "Wenweipo" newspaper, citing a senior "Hang Seng Bank" officer, claims that since March, 2013 Abe's accounts began to receive new funds, and the amount of funds has been growing since December, 2013.
    This unflattering fact gives a new way of looking at the political alliance between the US and Japan and wonder whether Japan needs such an ally, covering Abe's government's thievish actions for their own selfish interests? And whether the US needs such an ally, for which it should commit lie and fraud?

    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=45c_1397608841#SPKqVH5Z62Tzf7DV.99
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