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    Posted April 23, 2014 by

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    ‘Nigeria will triumph over her challenges,’ says President Goodluck Jonathan


    Even in this time of despair in Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan  has assured Nigerians that everything would be alright and that no  religious or political acrimony can dissipate the country. The president  declared this boldly on Easter Sunday when the FCT Minister, Sen. Bala  Mohammed and Sen. Philip Aduda (PDP-FCT), visited him in the Abuja  Villa.

    “The nation is going through some challenges’, said the  president. “But there is hope as Nigeria will overcome every one of  them”.

    The rising of Boko Haram in the country has instigated a  lot of panic and antisocial in the country as the group continues to  cause chaos and killing without any sign of abating. At the onslaught of  their career, it was reported that their intention is to seek Islamic  state, killing Christians and bombing churches in the northerly region  of the nation. But now, it is going more than that as they are also  killing antagonizing Muslims. Reports revealed that they have maimed  1,500 lives in this year alone, as well as causing multiple injuries and  commotion in the northern part of the country.

    Recently, the  group unleashed a fearful bomb explosion in Abuja, the country capital  that killed lest than 75 people. The terrorist claimed to be the  mastermind behind the bomb explosion by releasing a video tape on the  net, and taunting the president, denouncing the United Nation, and  warning of more disasters and dead lives to be exhaled. The leader of  the group, Abubakar Ahakau, addressed the president as, “We are the ones  that carried out the attack in Abuja.’’ He also lamented the reason  behind their action;

    “Yes, we did it. We carried out the attack  because you kill Muslims in Plateau. You kill Muslims in every country  of the world. Why don’t you global tyrants talk when Muslims are killed  in Afghanistan? Why don’t you talk when Muslims were killed in Iraq? And  they are still being killed. Why don’t you talk when Muslims are killed  in the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, and now Yemen, Mali,  Azerbaijan, Shishan, Pakistan?

    “Why were you not complaining  when our Muslim brethren were killed in Plateau, their wives were  forcefully taken and defiled, and if they give birth, their children  were being killed? So because of that tiny incident that happened in  Abuja, everybody is out there making an issue out of it across the  globe.”


    “Yes, I am the dreaded Shekau: the one even Obama fears;  not even Obama, even if Pharaoh were alive today he would reckon with  me [laughs]. To hell with the United Nations, to hell with Ban Ki Moon;  to hell with Obama. Yes we did the bombing in Nyanya, we did it.”



    This made a mass of Nigerians headaches as they could not comprehend  why the regime could not still eradicate the insurgent Islamic  terrorists. As this grim news was still flying around, there was another  hysteria news as more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram.


    With this going on, the president is still assuring Nigerians that  everything would be alright, but the Nigerians are anxious as Boko Harem  is threatening to escalate more violence.

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