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    Posted April 23, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Ukraine-Are We Ready for Another World War?

    Senator John McCain says we should arm the Ukrainians with weapons to defend themselves against the Russians who are massing on their border.
    But which Ukrainians are we going to arm? And with what money?
    We're told by Washington DC that we have no money- that's why our government has cut to the bone every program that's been keeping the middle class afloat during this 'spectacular rise of the economy' in the U.S.
    So we need to send in weapons, huh, John?
    What's amazing is that all anyone needs to do is something called research and you would see who started what; where, and for what reason-profit.
    Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State, in a recent video says we've invested $5 billion over the last few years in bringing about the coup in Ukraine and "damn it, we're going to get what we've paid for".
    Forget the remark she made that was secretly recorded and released by the Russians, "F the E.U."
    That was the part the press picked up on as though that was the worse thing she said.
    Everyone's heard the 'F Word' before.
    What was failed to be reported was that we started the coup and now it hasn't worked out so easily as the U.S. had though.
    Now, we try to save face by blaming the Russians when they escalated by calling our bluff and raising the ante?
    But things have gone awry.
    Decide for yourselves by listening to Nuland's video and notice whose corporate logo is to the right of the stage- Chevron.

    On the chessboard that is Ukraine, the U.S. moved a bishop to threaten a Russian king and Russia took our rook because we so focused on our linear attempt to expand our empire.
    What did we expect Russia to do as we push even closer to their border and talk about a missile defense system to be placed in Europe to protect them from 'Iranian nukes'?
    Does Iran have nukes?
    This thinly veiled attempt to jam Russia and Putin could only have left him with the belief that we were coming for him next as we did with Syria's Assad, Libya's Gadhafi,., and countless other World leaders that stood in the U'S. way toward total World domination.
    And all this U.S. military domination takes place as the American middle class lays decimated and shredded in ruins of the biggest economic collapse caused by Wall Street bankers made possible by the complicity of a corrupt U.S. war mongering, power hungry government.
    Now, U.S. Government's pride demands that we go on the attack against Russia instead of withdrawing and re-thinking the outcome. How dare those Russian stand against the most powerful military power since Hitler's Germany in the 1930s.
    And again, 'help' Ukraine with what and whose money?
    It's really too bad that the wealthy, those who start the wars in our World don't have their kids and fortunes on the line.
    Maybe bringing back the draft in the U.S. would make these people reflect on how they make money on the misery of others.
    Vice President Joe Biden said the other day in regards to Russia with its troops on the Ukrainian border, "No country has the right to take another country's land and intimidate them by massing troops on their border".
    No. Of course they shouldn't. Biden is correct. Good words, Joe.
    Too bad the U.S. doesn't follow its own advice.
    We don't have war games on the border with South Korea so the North Korea can see our might now do we?
    The U.S used to be a Democracy and a representative government by, for and of the people. But now as a recent report has indicated we are an oligarchy where the people's voice no longer matters to our government. Our democracy has become a hypocrisy because of the influence that big money has on our government.
    With the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court efforts to put the most wealthy in charge of our country, we can see clearly, that brothels aren't always located in shabby neighborhoods.
    And what was once our government has turned to the dark side and prostrates itself to the International Monetary Fund and the highest corporate bidders.
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