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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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    Prolific corporate trainer Aaron S. Robertson is impacting the world around him as head of online marketing at Spectrum Communications


    Today’s story is an absolute one-eighty from the stories we typically write -- This one is not so much about an individual however it is about one man’s mission to further reinforce the vision and work ethic of the company’s owners where he is currently employed.


    In this edition, we have the heartfelt pleasure of interviewing Aaron S. Robertson, MSM.


    Mr. Robertson currently serves as both a trainer and the head of online marketing at Spectrum Communications, an award-winning and industry-recognized answering service and call center in the metro-Milwaukee area of the United State of America.


    Additionally, he is a freelance journalist concentrating in the realm of music, and has interviewed a number of nationally-known artists from the classic rock and pop genres of the 1960s and 70s.


    Here he is -- Aaron S. Robertson.


    “Many sense the passion I have with my job and ask if I am actually the owner of the company where I am currently employed due to the earnest dedication I soak into my daily responsibilities during my work days.


    Well, no I didn’t start the business. My time with Spectrum dates back to the summer of 2012. Along with two longstanding college friends, I owned my own online marketing business at the time called ‘Intrepid Innovations.’


    It was then that I had grown to know one of Spectrum’s co-owners, Roy Osmon, via a business networking group. Roy knew I was looking for more reliable, stable work at the time. He told me that Spectrum was hiring and that I should apply, and the rest is history.


    When Spectrum started business in 1983, they learned very quickly that although many clients have similar needs, each still has their own unique preferences as to how their account is handled. As a result, for 30 years, Spectrum has programmed each of their client's requirements exactly to their wishes.


    Many businesses have the need for a friendly, live voice to take calls personally rather than let callers languish in ‘voice mail jail.’ But, many cannot justify the additional personnel costs. Spectrum's Remote Receptionist Services is the solution.


    Fact is prospective customers are more likely to do business with a company when they can interact with a live person who can answer questions and direct calls to the appropriate department. Having Spectrum provide this service gives more freedom to employees to focus on their work while knowing that high-priority calls are not being lost or turned away.


    At its core, a Telephone Answering Service answers calls for businesses when they are not able to do so themselves. Spectrum Communications performs this service with prompt, friendly, detail-oriented operators who know their clients.


    The types of businesses that benefit from a Telephone Answering Service are as diverse as the service plans Spectrum Communications offers. Some of the more common scenarios are:


    1) A small business not quite big enough for a full-time receptionist


    2) A 24/7 business that needs reliable after-hours dispatching and message services


    3) A growing business that has occasional incoming calls it can’t get to


    4) A business that takes calls on holidays when staff is thin


    5) A large business working to cut personnel costs, but not skimp on customer service


    6) Any business that is taking on a special project that requires short-term increased telephone answering capacity


    Those points are specifically why, Spectrum Communications designed Telephone Answering Service packages for these types of businesses and scores of others.


    Spectrum earned its eighth consecutive Award of Excellence for telephone answering services and is the only Southeast Wisconsin company on the list of 2012 winners.


    ‘I’m thrilled to be honored again by ATSI, and must give credit to the professionalism of our hard-working staff,” said Kelli Harrigan, Spectrum’s Vice President of Operations. ‘Our industry, like most, is filled with challenges and changes.


    We continue to focus on keeping current with technological advances but never lose sight of the importance of the warmth of a caring human voice. I’m proud that ATSI thought our staff exhibited the excellence required to earn this important recognition.’


    We are truly thankful that our client base is made up of companies that strive for great customer service. And we are humbled when our customers say things like:


    ‘The team has gone the 'extra mile' for me on numerous occasions!’ -Copesan


    Encore Real Estate told us, ‘Everyone I talk to at Spectrum is very professional which looks favorable upon my business.’


    and Jacobus Energy exclaimed, ‘Spectrum does an outstanding job of handling customer calls. They stay current with changes and updates.’


    Whatever a business’s application, the Spectrum highly trained staff will design a program to fit their specific needs. Some of the questions they may want to consider:


    -What do you wish to accomplish?


    -What can Spectrum do to give you 'peace of mind?'


    Do you want Spectrum to take all your incoming calls?


    Just overflow? Only calls after hours and weekends?


    -Should we take calls of an urgent nature?


    -Would you want us to notify an on-call staff with the emergency calls?


    -Would you like information taken at your website or would you prefer we use our software?


    -Do you have a short-term need or are you looking for a long-term solution?


    Determining the complexity and urgency of a technical support call is a task for experienced operators.


    Spectrum has worked with a number of companies whose products require technical support services.


    Ultimately staying up on new technology is absolutely critical. We have to keep a continuous eye on any relevant laws, regulations, and pending legislation that may impact our industry, like HIPAA and HITECH, for example.


    All that stated, we are blessed and grateful to have a lot of recognition in the industry, and many awards under our belt in the areas of exceptional customer service and ethics.


    We are committed to the concept of continuous improvement, and, as a result, we are always investing in technology and training and development for our staff.


    Finally, I would add here that our solutions for our clients are virtually endless. We really work alongside our clients to tailor and develop a unique service that meets their needs and expectations.


    Even though we are primarily an inbound phone call center, we also handle the outbound needs of many of our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project. We know that cost is always a consideration.


    One of the big pluses in utilizing Spectrum's services can be the cost savings associated with outsourcing.


    The truth is in what other say about us:


    ‘Spectrum Communications has worked 'outside the box' to service Ogden & Company, Inc’s special needs at a fair price. They are responsive to our needs and concerns. I feel confident with Spectrum being our on-call service.’ -Ogden & Company, Inc.


    ‘I've worked here since 1985 and have always enjoyed working with your company and your staff!’ - Merchant Refrigeration


    ‘I LOVE having Spectrum do this! It's freeing up my time, and more importantly, my mind. I should have done this years ago!’ -Colorwheel Painting


    There are a plethora of other benefits working with our company, but off the top of my head, I would say time management, peace of mind, and, with no more missed calls, there are many more opportunities available.” said, Aaron S. Robertson, MSM - Trainer and the head of online marketing at Spectrum Communications

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