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    Posted April 24, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Child, Spousal, Animal, Sexual.... Abuse and professional ethics?

    I said to my psychiatrist that all of the behavioral disorders and problems people have that come to see you have these problems because of what all the toxic chemical additives are doing to everyone.

    He agreed. I'm not making an assumption, He said "You're right"

    In our society this is the words of one man to another is just that, words from one man, to another.

    Logically... which is how I think, that I think.

    The ethics of every medical professional is being questioned right now. Trust is flying out the window as you're reading this. There are many who trust them with out a single doubt, But there are many like myself who have reason to not be so blindly trusting of them any more.

    I think that anybody who wants to stay in the medical field and wants to keep their job they should perhaps adopt some socially acceptable standards of ethics.

    Because when the chips fall, so will many of them.

    I get all kinds of people being nasty to me about the things that I claim are caused by all these chemical additives.

    I must be a genius because I honestly believe that these claims can't be disputed for one reason.... Not one of the (TOXIC CHEMICAL) toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives used in everything from your food, beverages, drugs/pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, clothing and everything that you come into contact with every moment of every day is absolutely and indisputably toxic and harmful to you in every manner possible.

    100% of every man, woman and child and as a matter of fact you should include our pets and pretty much every thing that is fed, or eats humans left overs are also exposed to these deadly toxic chemicals.

    Absolutely no one is immune. You eat, use or have any contact with anything that contains any of those toxic chemical additives and they will cause harm to you. And that's whether you are aware of it, or not. It is happening.

    I say bipolar disorders are caused by the additives and what they do to the adult brain.

    What it does to children..... We see as Autism, Old, it's Alzheimers.

    Every case of spousal abuse, child abuse, animal abuse and sexual abuse too.... is caused by proxy by what the toxic chemical additives do to the human brain.

    Why doesn't it do it to everyone?

    That depends on the level of exposure. And the things you've done. Men tend to be more aggressive while women are more passive.

    It's not exclusive because that varies as well.

    Everybody will suffer through the entire gambit of problems, disorders and issues.

    It will be as random as the exposure is for some people. But for others it's a constant, they don't eat right at all, constantly eating junk.

    I think I had mayonnaise, margarine maybe every color in the rainbow along with MSG BHT, BHT, TBHQ and more EDTA in my Mountain Dew.

    It was constant for me, until I figured it out.

    Ethically I can not and will not sit by and let this go one without trying to make my voice heard.

    I wasn't always such a nice person and was definitely not anything like I am at this very moment. I didn't care about anyone, or anything.

    And now I want to save everybody, good and bad, the implications that I see tell me that all of the behavior experienced by everyone everywhere is made the way it is by what the additives have done to you, him, her, them, everyone.

    Ethically..... That's pretty much an oxymoron because of the inability to think rationally. Who has ethics when you're a silent sociopath?

    The angry young man syndrome, the thug mentality thing, the racism, the anger, hatred, the way we treat one another is all jacked up (in a manner of speaking)

    You just can't see what I see the way I see it... unless you're become detached from the cycle of exposure.

    My wife and I have started to find things we are able to eat because as I have continued to do what I do, others have been learning and changing things themselves.

    But that's not enough.

    Somebody (CNN, ABC, CBS, REUTERS, EVERY news agency in the world) needs to speak up about this and inform everyone what's going on and what needs to happen to change America.

    Do I think that will ever happen? No. I don't.


    Everyone... All the people every where.

    Somebody said this stuff is safe and that's a blatant lie. It is completely untrue. Not one of the additives used in any food, beverage, drug/pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletry, textile, ink, pigment, literally everything is 100% unsafe for every human being ever born from the beginning of time till right this very second and for all time to come.

    Nobody knows. The people who make it. the CEO's, the researchers, doctors, nurses, everybody. And the ones that do? I have no idea why people have kept this sort of thing to themselves.

    Ethically to do this to anyone of any race, any creed, and religion, social background all classes from the bum in the street to Bill friggin Gates.

    Everybody is a victim of this.

    I am too. And so are you.

    I learned by trial and error. I ate it, drank it, washed with it, wore it.... I got a migraine headache and felt like crap all the time. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat right, I didn't live right. It's so difficult to get people to understand this because it's so unbelievable. And with the inability to think rationally being a big problem with literally everyone. It's like a totally perfect way to control a large population of citizens. It keeps profits high, it keeps people believing all of the lies and other stuff thrown at them constantly.... information overload indeed and in fact.

    I am trying to let you come into my mind and see how it is that I see these things. How I wonder about things like... How can people do this to others and for what reason?

    Most people engaged in these acts don't have a clue about what they are doing to themselves and to everyone else.


    Ethics is me contact channel 6 in Columbus, Ohio.... Their Motto, or Mantra.... "6 On your side"

    When I tried to get anything I had to share looked at by those people who are effected by their personal exposure... I was turned away.

    I'm that guy.... yeah.... the one who thinks he discovered the cause of autism.

    The truth is, I indeed discovered the cause of autism, alzheimer's and much much more.

    Will I get credit for it? No because I don't have studies, I don't have research, I don't have government funded anything to back up a single thing I say.

    I do have some stuff I have linked to in some articles and it's pretty good.

    Common sense and logic says if it's a toxic chemical it should not be consumed by humans because it will absolutely cause harm to them. period!

    So what's happened to the common sense and logic?

    Everybody eats this stuff. So who's really thinking, or able to think about anything?

    If you're on a 100% organic and natural diet and lifestyle.... you're still not free from exposure.

    At times I am miserable because I am having to take benadryl and white willow bark to treat my reaction to something I thought I could trust, or something that was properly labeled.

    I'm not immune either and it makes me angry when someone else is hurt by someone who doesn't know they have a problem simply because they trusted a product made by "People" who should have the health and well being of every American at heart. I said people because it has been said that corporations are people.

    Well.... These "People" are hurting, harming and killing other people in the name of making a profit. Most are unaware that they are involved in such things because seeing as how most everyone loves and cares about another human being in their life.... And they would never ever do anything to harm them, or their child.

    Ethically, Morally......

    Where the hell are we?

    Why isn't this on the news?
    Why is this hidden from sight?
    Why isn't there anybody who is able to answer any one of my questions.

    Somebody please tell me how it is ethically and morally acceptable to kill, maim and murder everyone in America!
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