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    Posted April 25, 2014 by
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    Having Trouble Getting Sales? Kill The Elevator Speech And Do This Instead


    Get any group of professionals or entrepreneurs together and you will hear the same complaint. It is too hard to reach potential new clients or find a new job. There’s too much competition. It’s tough to make people pay attention to your message because there is so much noise. These are all valid complaints. According to an article in fastcompany (http://www.fastcompany.com/34360/permission-marketing), people see about 3000 advertising messages per day. Wow! 3000! That’s a lot of ads. There’s no wonder no one’s paying attention to your marketing messages. The news doesn’t get much better for job hunters. According to an article published by ere.net (http://www.ere.net/2013/05/20/why-you-cant-get-a-job-recruiting-explained-by-the-numbers), human resources departments usually get 250 resumes per hour for one job opening.

    Google Changes The Rules

    Knowing all of this, the web-savvy person may say, “Well I will just build a website that gets good rankings in Google.” That worked well for a while until Google released the Panda and Penguin updates. Basically these updates changed the way that websites got a high ranking in Google. Before this update all a webmaster had to do to rank high in Google was to get more links to their website than the competitor had. This update made that strategy worthless. This update knocked many websites off of the first page of Google. Many websites disappeared from Google altogether.

    How Do You Cut Through The Noise?

    This state of affairs makes the sensible person get frustrated and throw their hands up in the air. This makes any rational business person wonder how they can get the attention of the potential customer. One way to cut through the noise is to become something people WANT to see. How do you do this? You build relationships with people that you want to do business with BEFORE you send a marketing message. You network with people before you are desperate for a sale or a job.

    How Do I Network Effectively?

    You may be staring at a pile of business cards you have collected over the past year of attending networking events wondering where you went wrong. You may be wondering how you can network effectively to get the results you want. Maybe you need to revise your elevator speech. Maybe you need to get rid of your elevator speech. Don’t fall out of your chair. Felicia Slattery, best selling author of Kill The Elevator Speech , says that “People usually remember only two to four words of your elevator speech.” Did you catch that? That elevator speech you spent all of that time crafting will be boiled down to two to four words! You may be wondering what to do instead. In her interview with Knoxville CBS anchor, Allie Spillyards, Felicia says, “Start the conversation by asking ‘How did you get started?’. Allow the other person to talk.” This makes perfectly good sense. This also helps if you are a bit shy. By asking the other person to talk about themselves, you take the spotlight and shine it on the other person. This will give you time to find out how you can help the other person. This method helps you build a relationship with the new friend you have just made. Do you think this person will remember you over the 30 people they may have met that day? Of course. You just made them feel important. Do you think this individual will take the time to visit your website and request more information from you? Yes. Building relationships will help you cut through the noise and become a welcome visitor instead of an annoying interruption.
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