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    Exclusive Interview with Joi Hall of Empowered By Joi


    Joi Hall is RAW & REAL and the founder of "Empowered By Joi". She is a holistic self empowerment youth activist, motivational speaker, wellness / lifestyle coach, Radio Host on "Talking With Truth" radio, and soon to be author who has appeared on The Mike and Juliet Fox Morning Show, several radio talk shows including The Sheryl Lee Ralph DIVA TALK Radio Show, and and has spoken at church organizations, youth events, and various organizations.


    Joi Hall is powerfully passionate about equipping children and teens to live a holistic lifestyle. Her speaking topics, workshops, and activism is centered around empowering children and teens to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy from a natural perspective. She teaches on natural health and fitness, youth self esteem, mindset reformation for success, and character growth.


    Thank you for taking the time to speak with SPMG Media.


    SPMG MEDIA: Tell us what brought you to birth the organization Empowered by Joi.


    JOI HALL: After my 10 year marriage tragically ended just 3 years ago, and being left to raise 3 small children on welfare, I had to make a personal decision to either die on the inside and live life as an unhappy single mom, OR discover who I am on the inside, find my purpose, and live a happy life. After a lot of soul searching and recreating who Joi is and finding my “joy”, I had a light bulb moment. I discovered that I had a message to give, my purpose in life was to impact and empower youth globally.


    SPMG MEDIA: You are also a motivational speaker. 'I Empower Today's Youth' is your tagline. Tell us about this aspect of your business.


    JOI HALL: I show teens and pre-teens who struggle with challenges such as depression, self-image problems, eating disorders, depression, anxiety etc. how to transform their life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through my speaking platforms I teach them the exact steps to discover and maintain their happy - healthy self.


    SPMG MEDIA: You have recently partnered with Psychotherapy Plus Inc. in your work. Tell us about this partnership.


    JOI HALL: PsychoTherapy Plus is non-profit that has been a free or low cost therapeutic family counseling resource to the community since 2006. It was a very strategic move for both my company, Empowered by Joi and Psychotherapy Plus inc. to partner, since both company’s vision and mission seemed to perfectly intersect and align with each other. Together we bring a tri-dimensional approach (mental wellness, physical/ nutritional wellness, and spiritual wellness) to aid in community education, prevention, and intervention to bring about a solution to the challenges our youth are facing such as eating disorders, self-image, anxiety, depression, etc. We are excited about developing new community programs and wellness projects that will not only educate, but bring about a solution to these escalating problems and challenges that our youth are facing today.


    SPMG MEDIA: You also host a radio program - we met because of this powerful show. Tell us what got you started in this medium.


    JOI HALL: When I first got the vision of starting empowered by Joi, I began thinking about the mission and what message we would deliver. I knew that the message I’d been given would change the lives of pre-teens and teens, not just here in the US but across the globe. When I was given the opportunity to host my own radio show on an internet radio platform, it was significant because it opened up a new medium for me to reach people on a global level.


    SPMG MEDIA: You are currently hosting an event, 'Dying to be Thin'. Tell us what inspired this event.


    JOI HALL: Like a lot of young women, I personally have battled with self-image problems. I didn’t have a diagnosed eating disorder, but I lost weight and maintained weight throughout my teen years and young adulthood using unhealthy restrictive methods. The battle stemmed from low self-esteem and a deep desire to be perfect. I was an athlete and I wanted to look good, I wanted to be thin, I wanted to look like the “perfect women” I saw on the magazine covers and on TV.


    After going through my divorce, I saw my daughter going through the same struggles to cope with her emotions and the trauma. I started digging deeper into eating disorders one day in October of 2013, and I was horrified by the statistics. When I learned that almost half of our children ranging from 8 - 11 were dieting often, and that this problem is escalating in this country, I knew that I couldn’t sit idly by while this was happening; and with my background, my history, and my determination I could help assemble a group to educate the public not only on what was happening, but how to deal with this problem instead of watching our youth slowly destroying their self.


    SPMG MEDIA: What do you hope your attendees will gain from this event?


    JOI HALL: We would like to bring awareness to the event attendees about the escalation and severity of youth eating disorders amongst our children as young as second and third grade, erase the stigmas surrounding youth eating disorders such as age, gender, ethnicity, and show them that through the collaboration of Psychotherapy Plus, Empowered by Joi and other community support we can start to bring about a solution to this mental illness in our communities.


    SPMG MEDIA: You currently have a fundraising campaign for this event. How would sponsors and individuals join in helping your organization with in-kind or monetary donations and how can they contact you?


    JOI HALL: There are a few ways. They can support the efforts of this campaign by donating monetarily to PsychoTherapy Plus Inc. in reference to the Dying To Be Thin Youth Eating Disorder Awareness, churches and other community organizations, and media outlets can help get the word out about this first event and this campaign. Sponsors and individuals can help by volunteering their time or by making monetary donations to the cause through our website, Indigego, PayPal or by mailing a check to Psychotherapy Plus Inc.


    Psychotherapy Plus
    410 W 17th St
    San Bernardino, CA 92405


    (323) 906-7692
    Twitter: EmpoweredbyJoi
    Instagram: Dyingtobethin_youth

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