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    SPMG Media Talks with Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. About The Revised SAT Test and His FREE SAT Prep Workshops


    Thank you for taking the time to speak with SPMG Media.


    SPMG MEDIA: Tell us about your organization Each One Teach One. Why did you create this organization?


    DR. HICKEY: Each One – Teach One: Alliance for Academic Access, Achievement and Success is an organization that focuses its efforts on heightening community awareness of the importance of reforming educational practices targeting at-risk youth. While educational journals, books and Internet sources have provided significant evidence of an achievement gap between low-income students and those with more affluent resources, it is believed by Each One – Teach One that the prevailing attempt to close the gap by merely providing computer technology in schools is insufficient, and also shortsighted. While there is little doubt about the laudable intentions of various educational movements to increase the availability of computer technology in schools, such efforts have fallen significantly short of addressing a much broader and more relevant issue of how to successfully narrow the gap in academic achievement. Each One – Teach One provides an active voice for encouraging alliances with parents, students, and community organizations that are involved in the broad issue of improving the practices of education both at home and in school.


    SPMG MEDIA: Your organization is spearheading a campaign to make inner city schools and parents aware of the importance of the recent changes to the SAT test. Tell us why this is critical information.


    DR. HICKEY: We feel like it is significantly important that the parents of inner city students be actively aware of and contributors to the preparation of their children to experience success on the 2016 Redesign of the College Board's SAT College Entrance Examination. According to the College Board the redesigned examination "...will provide more opportunity than ever for [students] to showcase the skills that matter most to college." The premise is that this exam will more precisely identify students who will be most likely college graduates. The Board goes on to explain, "...the best way to prepare is by taking rigorous course work and doing your best." The means that parents and students need to be adamantly aware of the precise course work required to be successful on the test and in college. This preparation starts long before the student enters high school, and it is Each One - Teach One's charge to make our community aware of these significant issues.


    SPMG MEDIA: E1T1 has hosted several successful FREE SAT Prep Workshops to the tune of more than 500 students in attendance! Share with us your vision for developing this FREE event.

    DR. HICKEY: It is our vision to provide our preparation program to students around the country. Additionally, we are planning to have various delivery systems of our programs, including: on-line preparation; small group sessions; multi-week sessions; customized materials; social media delivery options; and our own publications.

    SPMG MEDIA: You are hosting a smaller FREE SAT Prep session in May. Tell us about this event.


    DR. HICKEY: On May 31st Each One - Teach One in collaboration with The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center will host our first "smaller" FREESATPREPWORKSHOP. This workshop will provide the same high quality instruction as the larger (500+students) session but will be limited to 150 students. Our strategy for this smaller size is to be able to have more frequent workshops as well as take the workshop to different communities. Additionally, the smaller class size will allow for more focused attention from the instructors. Our plan is to continue to offer our annual mega-workshops, (generally in early Fall ), and also provide our mini-workshop throughout the year to support our connection with our participant students and their parents.

    SPMG MEDIA: How can sponsors partner with you with monetary or in-kind donations?


    DR. HICKEY: Sponsors can partner with Each One - Teach One Alliance by contacting the Executive Director: Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr. by email or direct telephone number:


    Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr.
    (323) 945-9851


    SPMG MEDIA: What about individuals - can they donate and how?


    DR. HICKEY: Individuals can donate to the FreeSATPrepworkshop by logging onto: http://freesatprepworkshop. com. On the right side of the home page is a link to Paypal. Checks or Money Orders can be mailed to:
    309 E. Hillcrest Blvd. #364,
    Inglewood CA. 90301


    Individuals are also free to contact the Executive Director by telephone: (323) 945-9851


    SPMG MEDIA: How can our readers bring your workshops to their group or organization?


    DR. HICKEY: Contact the Executive Director by telephone: (323) 945-9851


    SPMG MEDIA: What are other programs offered through E1T1?



    Youth Leadership
    The Youth Leadership training program designed to develop strengths and confidence in young leaders. It is also intended to provide standardized in-depth training covering a number of leadership ideas and life skills to assist in life transition success.


    Understanding the iGeneration: The New Science of Learning
    The focus of this workshop is on how classroom instruction can be strategically aligned, at home, with how iGeneration students learn. Participants are presented with ground breaking research that challenge traditional notions of how students spend their (multi-tasking) time, direct their (creative) attention, and are inspired (motivated) to learn. Specific attention is given to how the staggering global proliferation of cell phones, IPads, digital social networks, eBooks, video games, Wikis, Wiis, email, texting, IMing, MP3 players, IPods, PS3s, personal computers, Xboxes, etc., are affecting the nature and cognitive process of learning.


    College Going Culture
    The focus is on how parents can strategically influence the home, school and community experience of the student, utilizing methods that consistently support: a) their student being interested and aware, as early as elementary school, of career and college options from a global perspective; b) the school’s expectation that all students can be prepared to attend college; and, c) a consistent message of high expectations for the student’s future.


    E1T1 College Extravaganza
    The College Extravaganza’s mission is to connect students and student athletes directly to colleges and universities, provide numerous scholarships and access to scholarship programs, connect students to career, internship, and vocational opportunities, as well as help students and their families with resources, information and connections to help students become productive citizens in a diverse and competitive world. E1T1 College Extravaganza has future plans to visits five to seven cities across the country—Chicago, Houston, New York, DC, Los Angeles, Oakland and Atlanta.


    E1T1 Science Camp, Fair and Competition
    E1T1 Science Camp, Fair and Competition’s mission is to provide fun, outstanding opportunities for teens to immerse themselves in hands-on science education in a summer camp setting, and to bring those opportunities to as many young adults as possible. From meeting inspiring engineers and scientists from some of the biggest and most interesting companies in the United States and through receiving dedicated careers advice, we know that young people will go away with a fresh, new perspective on where their school subjects can lead them. The science competition rewards students who have achieved excellence in a STEM project.


    E1T1 Town Hall Meeting
    E1T1 Town Hall Meetings are designed to engage the community and community leaders in important educational, healthcare and leadership issues impacting that community, as well as find actionable solutions.


    SPMG MEDIA: How would our readers contact you?


    Chris L. Hickey, Sr., Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    Each One – Teach One Alliance for Academic
    Access, Achievement and Success

    (323) 945-9851

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