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    Posted April 25, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Former DPP chairman Lin thrusts Himself into Hunger Strike against Nuclear Plant No.4 construction


    Taipei, Taiwan - 2014/4/22

    Former DPP chairman Lin Yi-Hsiung (林義雄) started the indefinite hunger strike today, Earth Day, at Gikong Church (where Lin Family Massacre (林宅血案) took place back in 1980) in protest against the construction of the controversial Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant (a.k.a. Nuke 4), claiming that the Ma Administration refused to listen to the public opinion, and the strike would continue until the government ceases its progress.


    In response to Lin's strike, Tsai Ding-Guei, the convener of Referendum Alliance (公投護台灣聯盟), rallied outside of Legislative Yuan (立法院) in support of Lin. Under the command of Zhongzheng First Police Precinct Chief Fang Yang-Ning (方仰寧), who had previously agreed to step down for the incident took place on April 11th, surrounded the incoming people on site, refusing to let anyone leave while setting up layers of barricades.


    At approximately 10 PM, the police began pushing the unarmed elders sitting in the front row of the crowd with their blue heavy shields. Tensions escalated, leading Tsai to rouse the crowd to pull down the barricades for confrontation. In the process, Tsai and 10 others decided to climb over the barricades but were subsequently tackled, arrested and taken away.


    A rough total of 11 were wounded during the confrontation. With an increasingly displeased crowd demanding for the entering of medical personnel and the lawyers to the site, the police took a stiff stance, refusing to comply. The unarmed crowd was further enraged while at the same time, more armed force rendezvoused and more barricades were set up.


    "All we want is for the Government to acknowledge the right to protest to the people," said Tsai. "But Fang does not trust the people, and is not capable of communicating with the people; hence the repression even when NO one had attacked the police."


    Tsai also asked Fang to inform the Administration to start reconciling with the people instead of managing crowd control by force. He's also expressed his concern toward Lin's hunger strike and called for the Legislative Yuan to respond accordingly and to stop Nuke 4.


    This may be one of the biggest events since the dawn of the Sunflower Movement, which took place on March 18th, 2014. We will have more updates as his fasting continues.


    We are AfRepTW, reporting from Taiwan.

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