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    Thousands Followers Of Natoinlists Parties pay tribute to Great Leader Sain G M sayed

    The followers of G. M. Syed from across the province of Sindh have flocked at his native town Sann to pay tributes to their leader and will offer ‘Fateha’ and lay wreaths on his grave.Separate programs have been arranged by various factions of Jeay Sindh Muthida Mahaz and Jeay Sindh Mahaz and other nationalist groups at various places to pay homage to Syed on his principled and ideology based politics.A national leader of the Sindhi people who struggled for human rights, democracy, secularism and freedom of Sindh. Saeen G M Syed, a visionary leader who pioneered the Sindhi freedom movement, remains a beacon of the Sindhi people's struggle for national self-determination. He was repeatedly detained and imprisoned by Pakistani authorities, spending more than thirty years without trial or ever being charged. He died in custody in 1995. The Amnesty International adopted him as a Prisoner of Conscience. Mr. Syed wrote extensively on Sindhi identity, history, and political conditions in Sindh. His views continue to inspire Sindhi writers, poets, political and civic leaders, and social and religious activists. He is widely respected for his forthrightness, courage, simplicity, and insightfulness.translation of Sayed s book "Nain Sindh Lai Jedojahad" . This was printed in 1949. This book comprises three chapters. In first part Sayed has given the details of Sindh politics from 1937 to 1939. In second part situations of 1940 to 1946. In third part Sayed has shown the worst situation with Muslim league, Sindh s political situation before and after partition. This book is the English translation of Sayed s book in Sindhi "Jean ditho aa moon".` This is published by Khadim Hussain Soomro in 1996. (A study into separate identify through the ages) This is the English translation of Sayed s book "Sindhu ji Saanjah".Syed was the author of more than Forty nine books. His books are on numerous subjects, ranging from literature to politics, religion and culture. He was himself a mystic had a lot of love and regard for mystics of all faiths. Besides being a man of immense learning, Syed possessed a personality that was graceful and poised. Highly cultured and refined manners, hospitality and geniality were the salient traits of his character. Wit and humor were the keynotes of his personality. He respected all genuine difference of opinions. For decades, Sindh and Sindhi people had constituted the center of his interest and activity, and all his love energies were devoted to their good. His famous Books are Janam Guzarium Jin Sein.(Sindhi) Dayar Dil Dastan-e- Muhabt.(Sindhi) Sindh Ja Soorma.(Sindhi) Sindh speaks.(English) Struggle for New Sindh.(English) Religion and Reality.(English) Shah Latif's Message.(English). GM Syed proposed the 1940 Pakistan Resolution in the Sindh Assembly, which ultimately resulted in the creation of Pakistan. However, he became the first political prisoner of Pakistan because of his differences with the leadership of the country, as he believed that they had deceived the Sindhis. In 1971, when East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) seceded from Pakistan at the behest of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who wanted to come in power in West Pakistan. Saieen G.M. Syed began to demand self-determination for the people of Sindh. In 1972 he founded the Jeay Sindh movement, aimed at establishing an independent/autonomous Sindhi state ('Sindhu Desh') on the concept of Bangladesh. For his political views against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he was kept either in jail or in solitary confinement for a period of more than 30 years. On 19 January 1992, G.M. Syed was put under house arrest and his house was declared a sub-jail. He was detained until his death
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