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    Columbus, Ga. My Southern History Tour “Exploring”

    By: Kenneth Stepp

    What can I say about Columbus Georgia? Nothing would describe the beauty of this city properly. I haven’t words that will do it honor. This is my favorite Georgia town. And I have explored many. It has it all. The mix of being a college town, steeped in southern history, and a mecca for the arts. Combine it all and the energy it gives off is intoxicating. Maybe a little amazing too.

    I drove the almost three hours from my home to get here by noon. I had lunch at Country’s BBQ. My friend, State Representative Josh McKoon met me there. A fellow “Ethics” guy, he’s one of my favorite lawmakers. An attorney by trade. He does an honorable job, and takes his pledge to serve his constituents seriously. We need more like him standing guard on the Constitution.

    Columbus site on the river, across from the great state of Alabama. There are sculptures on every corner and in every park. Plenty of free parking too. That gets overlooked in many towns. Blending the old with the new. It fits with my eclectic taste. I could live here so easliy. The kids that go to college here have no idea what the real world is like. To me, this town is like a fairytale. Something that grabs my attention with every blink. The last time I was here, I attended a play. It was hilarious. The students, wrote, produced, and directed it. No teachers around. Hard to believe that kind of talent can dwell inside a 21 year old.

    Right now I am sitting outside The Cannon Brew Pub. Having a dark, stout beer on draft. It’s a poet, something, something, something. To me, it’s a stout, dark beer. It’s name doesn’t matter. It’s great. Hey. They even have a real cannon in front by the door. If you read me very much, you know that this is how I find my Zen. Exploring awesome little towns, and writing. If it gets any better. I haven’t experienced it yet.

    I seldom plan the town I will explore until the morning I head out. This was different. This was Columbus, and I have a friend in leadership here. So, I emailed Josh and asked if there was a day he would like to have lunch, and planned ahead. So worth it. Today, I drive almost six hours both ways, to scratch an itch. And I am.

    “Exploring” is what I call this. I developed this when I became single again, after 26 plus years. I mix my love of adventure, art, history, people, and architecture. This is what I came up with. I love it. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I learn so much on these trips. This is my eighth one in as many days. I hope I keep my childlike love for new things. I walk down the street snapping pictures and staring at things with the marvel of a six year old. Keeping an open mind and a open heart to all the wonderful people I meet along the way is important. I call these people, my mosaic of personalities. The more odd, by social norm standards, the better.

    I know I will wake up in my bed in the morning and miss this place. I notice when I look forward to doing something, I have a small bit of remorse afterwards. Perhaps I should plan a trip back here right away, just so I can be excited again. Yes. Columbus is that great. I wonder if these people walking around town, enjoying this beautiful sunny southern day, like every other day, actually knows how great it is here. Do they? They could ask me. I could sell anyone on this place. Well. I have pictures to take and people to watch. I would say that I hope you enjoy your day as much as I am enjoying mine. But that would simply be disingenuous. If you aren’t here too. You can’t.


    Founder, American Angel Works
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