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    Mumbai, India

    We welcome every TV News all mass media firm to participate debate of world's first micro share holder (IPO) finance secure policy model Antique Bank App innovation will run every hand common man mobile, desktop and cable setup box new corporate social r


    We welcome every TV News all mass media firm to participate debate of world's first micro share holder (IPO) finance secure policy model Antique Bank App innovation will run every  hand common man mobile, desktop and cable setup box new corporate social responsibility (CSR) and new micro share holder (IPO) merge offer to every world stock exchange e.t.c. Wall street Nasdaq SEBI,BSE,NSE all mutual manager have to enter/merge/invest or listing with our Antique Bank App by mobile unit and home setup cable a new cash trading of every common man will become your firm micro share holder by daily priority of live bid potentials  of Antique Bank App following way
    We are largest public, private and government oriented enterprise constitutional right policy, application development and ecosystems e-direction devices innovators this way we provide our skill and expertise to all nation common masses all their industry producer retailer and government will easy to apply joint venture and merge equity partnership by our hand held devices application innovation for born with right equal health care, education, justice, finance and poverty free commerce with zero crime and corruption e-governance policy.

    1) We will provide world's first corporate social responsibility (CSR)  new model of micro share holder trading (IPO)of  Antique Bank A/C from mother womb account by pregnant woman of doctor declaration every woman will get financial package of all industry sponsor/ contract agreement of buying product and cash of group trading services email and one eID for multiple credentials to every parent's mother  her baby development &financial support by our live bid purchases power potentials of microfinance and insurance and madiclaim

    2) Every  new life&nonlife born/factory  with our third party liability financial secure policy

    3) zero cash crime and corruption by our every cash detail deal of Global location, numbers subject to live transection registration data SQL all cash in advanced tax deduction behalf of government and banking loan recovery

    4) Poor will pull out from poverty victimization by cash live bid potentials of microfinance & insurances

    5) We will become largest Job provider firm by our application (BPO) entire the worlds



      We are  launching Antique Bank App  www.antiquebank.mobi first time in world, new  mobile finance secure webpage application systems application innovation  will run  on every mobile cash wallet data registration online cash payment on largest server utility of  Microsoft Azure SQL ASP. Net e-wallet  data merge partnership with mutual fund manager  all public, private and government sky limit B2B B2C e-wallet network will get every our product and services potential to our investor business partner and their product and services/subscribers will get new cash safe and finance security will run every hand to hand any kind  mobile desktop unit and services provider co. and every email/social site and home cable setup box will run with our application live bid potential of cash power & poverty free commerce and micro share holder IPO of new model of profit sharing social business model of share/stock market will all unlisted ,new ,listed company firm  commerce chambers will get largest parents trading opportunity by their new life(baby development from mother womb)  born / sponsorship agreement product buying and services, subscribing  contract with our joint venture will create largest opportunity  B2B job& skill to  all industry product and all government services will helpful  through our constitutional right policy of  born with equal finance and insure e-direction of  mobile internet devices(MID)cash registration witness&wallet data one hand to another will reduces crime and corruption and every commerce and cash deal enable to every next generation cover our third party all risk liability policy adoption credentials of  Antique Bank application where every poor will pull out from poverty by every cash deal(poor daily capital) and commerce purchase will generate potential of microfinance and insurance premium remittance.


    The every government and private  banking producer,retailer, government rationing,hawkers and city rural home made business need of every live demand & supply, business expand or micro-finance and insurance premium remittances of equal insure policy of Antique Bank application that our every subscribers, end user  or account holder their running business, new start up investment or local producer, retailer and costumer deliberations with our cash power& live bid potential link http://www.antiquebank.mobi

    Antique Bank application will find out all challenges of demand and supply and were waiting for your product and services end user  this way every producer, retailer and consumer we  will enable to find out information collection our every live second SQL data

    Every on-off line sale and buyers information will serve to every needy consuming masses will cover our financially secure and insure end to end our third party liability/risk policy of equal life cycle finance support to every needy of start own business or become share holder

    Antique Bank  equal insure and secure policy enhance through every the cash deal and subject to the transection control and deduction in advanced all tax  and any kind finance recovery awareness and understanding maximum retail prices will attached  through every product franchisee of all producer retailer and consumer will supported by our (MRP & insurance maturity SQL table)

    Every life and non-life product sale and purchase of poverty free commerce will supported by our  the third party liability/risk adopted policy cover and  tremendous potential of cash live bid deal through mobile or without devices through home cable setup box will attached our new online trading of micro shareholder by cash from home setup box cable devices and services every cash counter at public and shopkeeper or hawker on footpath place we will provide our mobile unit

    New finance model App technologies Antique Bank www.antiquebank.mobi in transform the delivery of every mobile unit will count to pass coin paisa registration one hand to another all payment data information and every subject to transaction cash and currency registered services e-direction for cash live bid poverty free potential for poor and under poverty line common masses will pull out from poverty victimization in every commerce cash deal will generate micro-finance and insure premium automatically refilling to self& secure and zero crime corruption with largest job accelerator and sky limit business credentials for every public, private and government every life will secure and insure by our Antique Bank baby (mother womb A/C ) and non-life from (factory outlet) every nation in future

    The current economic and financial crisis makes it very clear that the system that we have is not  sustainable to economy raise and poor pull out from poverty victimization  and thus it is the right time for us to change financial secure policy for every new born life the ways we invite every industry and government  all product end user will convert in to our cash pay and all tax in advanced micro tax deduction behalf of public, private and government link www.antiquebank.mobi we pay your all product end user billing ,tax,loan,EMI ,recovery this way we will support marketing to every producer, retailer shop owner will get in advances  demand& supply of product and services low-cost  of charge and against we will increase every product users and subscribers by our mother womb Antique Bank A/C support

    Every life will born with our equal insure and cash financial secure policy shelter they have to ultimate option Enter/Merge/Invest/Adopt B2B & B2C in to our Antique Bank all finance secure and e-direction application of witness and wallet www.antiquebank.mobi  do social business with risk free in a new way every mobile payment and currency number data feed and cash deals the ability to send and receive money securely one hand to another remote locations no body theft or robbery without your cash access not to allow stranger third hand in market and  common cause of poor implementation live bid of poverty free commerce anti-poverty purchase power programs. In new financial secure model work that takes advantage of one of the largest randomized every mobile end user cash controlled and our third party liability support  trials electronic witness &wallet  benefit transfers linked www.antiquebank.mobi  India/USA  Universal Identification program can play in improving financial secure these programs.

    The find evidence of significant gains from the new financial model of third party all risk and liability credential system. Beneficiaries report receiving payments faster, block fake currency or bribes currency custody making fewer trips to collect payments, and having to pay less in robbery, bribes to do so. Also find a reduction in leakage rates, which in turn result in improvements in the performance of the public cash control workfare program, and increased private sector wages and household income. These results suggest that investing in secure authentication and payment infrastructure can enhance "state capacity'' in developing countries to effectively implement a broad range of cash power welfare programs.

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