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    THE KINGDOM SEASON OF SPIRITUAL FREEDOM!!!More Believers Are Renouncing And Leaving The Men Built Idol Buildings Of Worship!!!
    Shared by your Church and Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr,

    The Word of Kingdom confirmation from your loving and faithful Apostle James Winfree Sr, to the Church and the Nations: The Spirit of the Lord says, some of you are sensing the spirit of liberty. It is designed by Him, for this is the day of His liberation. He Jesus Christ have already declared unto you that this is the Kingdom season and time for Unity in our Lord God Jesus Christ, and the purpose of the time of the season is to set you free from every bondage of corrupt Preachers. And I say the All those Preachers that is corrupt that is against you is Satan's kingdom today being Sunday, the world celebrated its worship services, but I am celebrating My Kingdom Freedom this day alone with many others, for I have chosen this time of the season to pour out of my Spirit Kingdom blessings upon God's chosen people that the fullness of Christ may come into their lives. The fullness of Christ may now be released into their spirits. The fullness of His Holy Spirit may come in the power of the Lord's Spirit and loose every captive; to loose each one who has been under the bondage of a corrupt Ministers, the man built worship buildings is of Satan himself. I say that the army of the Lord real true Believers is again rising up as in the days of the Word of God, and the fight for our faith begins this day right now. This is the new Kingdom season that the Holy Spirit have chosen because it begins first in the natural in America and then the Nations, but now God is moving you to the spirit where truly All the word of His mouth can be fulfilled. I say unto you, Jesus Christ is the Lord of glory? None of His words will fall short, and I prophesy victory to each of you as your faithful and loving Apostle. I prophesy to each one of you that you will have the victory over the enemy, the enemy of your soul, the enemy that promotes the corrupt Ministries in this world whose name is Satan, the prince of the power of the air. I have come today to liberate you! The anointing that you sense, the anointing is brought by the Spirit that I have sent into this Kingdom season to bring joy, to bring liberty, to bring the spirit of gladness upon God's people by faith. I anoint you today with the oil of gladness and me anoint your hearts today to be opened unto His Holy Spirit so that you can receive the fullness of His Spirit, for Christ Himself is giving you this moment Spiritual Kingdom gifts by which you can fight the war of Freedom and Biblical Unity, for His loving and living church, Yes, His true church will be Free of all satanic rule. It will be Free of all man-made religion. It will be Free of all doctrines of demons, for Christ Jesus us the Lord God, and right now the Holy Ghost revealing Himself to your hearts. That which has been spoken over your lives may come to pass if you will now reach out with the spirit of faith and embrace the presence of His anointing. I loose you this morning from all bondage of that evil Preachers that has been against you; of all corruption that has been brought against you. I come to remove the defilement of Satan's word from you. I come to break down the lying spirits that have been sent against you. I come to break the spirits of heaviness and the spirits of bondage that he has brought. I come to break every siege mound that he has built against you to bring destruction into your land. Because I am the Lord of glory, I declare that destruction cannot come. Haven't you read that victory is assured? Have you not been spoken to along the lines of the glorious outpouring of My Spirit by which I shall set every captive free? This is the day, I say, this is the day of Freedom for the Lord's church! He is cutting off now those things that are behind you, and Jesus Christ is building a new place of habitation for your to come into where your spirit man may come up into the realm of faith and believe for those things that are before you for He lives in you. The past will now be sealed from you if you will but allow Jesus to touch your mind as He come today, as the Spirit of Deliverance, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Justification, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Justice, and the Spirit of Righteousness; I have come to you as the Spirit of Prayer, for I am interceding even now as I am speaking to bring you out of the realm by which you have been bound into the Newness of the Word I bring you. Across the old I bring you into victory I bring you. Will you not pick up the sword and come with Me? The days of glory are now being revealed to you, and that which has been spoken shall now be birthed in the earth and come forth, for I have waited as long as I am going to wait. My people have suffered as long as they are going to suffer. Now, I give a new, fresh anointing to those of you who have been wounded, to pick you up, to lift you up, so that knees that have been weak can be strengthened and the hands that have been weak can be picked up so that I can lead you from glory to glory and revelation to revelation, for I am about to come to you in unexpected ways. Yes, even surprising ways. The things that I am about to do you will wonder with wonder and astonishment about, for each of you, to the very least of you, has it not been spoken that you are greater than John the Baptist? It is for this purpose that I have come to bring forth a prophetic people, a prophetic heavenly Kingdom community which will have a truly glorious, liberating cause of justice to stand for and to announce to the world. Even as My servant, king David, announced, "Is there not a cause?" I say, is there not a cause? So, it must be that I must put a slingshot in your hand. It must be that I give you the stones of power so that I can send you forth to declare liberty, but first of all your spirit man must be released from the bondage of the past and all of the uncleanness that has been coming to you by way of curses must now be broken from your life. I break every curse that has been spoken against you; I do it with My own mouth say's the Lord. I rebuke you, Satan, with My own mouth, and I say take your hands off of My church! I say, I rebuke you in the power of My kingdom and by the word of My justice. I say unto you, you will not touch My anointed! You will NOT touch My anointed! Release them now. Let every devil that you have sent against them flee to the dry places, for it is spoken that you are walking in the realm of dryness and deadness and, therefore, take those spirits which you have sent and march them off under this order and under this decree, for I have come and I have opened the bench of the court, and the gavel of justification has fallen. I am vindicating My people and loosing them because of the blood of My righteous Son. It shall stand forever more. This decree will not go away, for it shall hold until the end. I have come today in the power of My Spirit, in the glory of My kingdom to touch each one in their heart, if you will now begins to seek Me, My people. I said, come into My rest. Open your hearts to Me now that I may touch that places that are wounded down in your spirit. Allow Me now to put My finger on the soreness of your soul. Allow Me, by My Spirit, to touch you, to bring you out, to bring you forth, to give you joy, to anoint you with the oil of gladness, for the Father comes today to restore your heart to a place of love. I break up the hardness of your heart. I break up the fallowness of your ground that is not producing a harvest. I am with My own hand now touching you, renewing you, strengthening you. I am bringing you forth in the spirit of love. My love will hold you until the end of time; it will renew you, and it shall equip you, if you will come this moment and say Lord to Me. Cry out to Me. I said if you will cry out to Me, lift your hearts before Me now and say, "Lord, I need the restoration of my heart. My heart has been trampled asunder; the evil one has overrun me, and he has broken through the walls I have built, but Father, today you can restore the breach in the wall with the presence of Your Spirit and with the power of Your kingdom and the glory of Your love. As You now touch me, Father, bring forth the restoration." Let this be the cry of your heart. Let it be even as My servant, king David, spoke Yes create in me, Lord, a clean heart today, an upright spirit today Yes that I might mend, that I might heal, that I might restore, that I might build up, that I might lift, that I might give you joy in a world that has been perverse. For, I break every perverse spirit off of you now, every lying spirit from you, that you might walk in the presence and the power of My glory in the realm of joy. For, I have given you My joy Yes it is My strength in you manifest now to bring forth victory in your life. I would have you now to join in the brotherhood, in the gathering of the brethren. I would have you now join your hearts together, and do this moment, casting down every vain imagination, every lie that Satan has brought against you, casting them down at the foot of the cross and standing up erect, and with your mouth makes a declaration--I am FREE; I am FREE; I AM FREE, for The Spirit of Liberty has come today to set the captives FREE. The Spirit of joy has come today to loose the captives. Let the joy of My water carries you beyond the circumstances of this world. Let the joy of God's Spirit lift you into His Holy presence where you are accepted by Him, received by Him, loved by Him, restored by Him, for this is His Kingdom purpose in all of the earth. The FIGHT of FREEDOM is now to be fought. Even as those natural wars in the world point by types and shadows to the things that must come, first in the natural and then in the spirit, I say unto you the outcome shall be the same, for victory is assured in My kingdom. Victory will come forth. Fear not, but gather yourselves together now under the umbrella of this anointing and under the unusual outpouring of My Spirit in the liberation and the liberality of My love so that each of you may be saturated with My touch that comes by My voice today to restore you and prepare you for the war that is ahead of you. Now rise up in expectation. I say the reason that your faith has not expanded to the outer limits of My kingdom is that you do not walk in expectation. I mean expectation of what I am about to do in the very next minute; in the very next second; in the very next hour; in the very next day. Are you looking through eyes of expectation, or are you looking through eyes that are darkened by circumstances of your life? This is the opportunity that I give you today--to have eyes of expectation, that the inner man of your spirit may begin to look with expectation that it may go on a watch, a watch to see how I am about to pour out of My miraculous into your life, a watch to understand how I am about to bring forth revelation knowledge into your spirit, a watch, and I say a fast of the soul, a watch of the spirit must be so that you can receive all that I am about to give unto you. Have you not read that it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom? If you understand the kingdom, you know that it means far more than just Salvation; it means the Benefits of the gifts of My Spirit that I wish to impart to you. It means My leadership and My guidance, for I have come as your Counselor. It means that I wish to walk with you as a friend, for indeed you are My friends; you are My children; you are My chosen. Have I not written that you are My priests and kings? Am I not in this moment preparing you to rule with Me and reign with Me in the liberty of My kingdom? You must understand that Mine is a Kingdom of Liberty and Freedom. Satan's kingdom is a kingdom of restriction, but I bring you the kingdom of liberty today to enjoy the abundance of all that I desire to give unto you this moment and this day.

    In the service of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    Written by Apostle James Winfree Sr,

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