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    Los Angeles, California

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    Executive Support Network Set to Help Nonprofits Learn to Do More with Less


    Thank you for taking the time to speak with SPMG Media.


    SPMG MEDIA: Tell us what propelled you to create Executive Support Network Consultant Services?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: Executive Support Network Consulting Services was created as a result of dissolving my non-profit, which I founded and was Executive Director. ESN was one of the programs under Southeast Communities Prevention & Intervention Programs. Executive directors in the South L.A. and surrounding areas needed a safe place to come together and speak freely without criticism or being judged. In 2010 Executive Support Network Consultant Services was established as a DBA, to continue offering support to small non-profits in the South L.A. and surrounding communities.


    SPMG MEDIA: What is the primary focus of ESN?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: The primary focus of ESN is to serve as a resource and consultant for small and new non-profits in their efforts to build strong and efficient organizations.


    SPMG MEDIA: You have several upcoming events. Tell us about the 3rd Annual Dialogue Breakfast.


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: The Dialogue Breakfast was developed to bring together non-profits, clergy, business, public institutions, public officials, community activists, to connect with one another and build relationships. The intent is to give attendees the opportunity to collaborate and find unique ways of working together for the good of the community. Additionally, Executive Support Network utilizes the breakfast to offer non-profits tangible resources, such as: trainings to enhance and strengthen their organizations.


    SPMG MEDIA: The theme for this years' breakfast is NON-PROFITS: Meeting the Demands, Doing More with Less. Why this theme?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: We are targeting 'Meeting the demands and doing more with less' because of my strong relationships with funders, small and new non-profits, as well as the economic climate. Non-profits are struggling to keep their doors open, while funding streams are dwindling. The demand for services have increased two-fold and many non-profits are providing services without sufficient funding to hire adequate staff. Some are using their own personal funds or working without a salary.


    SPMG MEDIA: What do you hope the attendees will get from this event?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: It is always my hope that attendees will leave the event with information, resources and the potential to develop meaningful relationships that help to strengthen their organization capacity.


    SPMG MEDIA: What are some tips you can offer new nonprofits looking for funding?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: All nonprofits must have an active working Board of Directors, not just on paper, but a real Board. Fiscal structure must be in place even if they do not currently have staff. They should have a Strategic Plan that the Board of Directors has been involved in developing for organization sustainability. They must also develop a plan for diversify their funding. They must also have a business address for potential funders to do a site visit.


    SPMG MEDIA: What other resources/services does ESN offer?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: ESN offers: One-on-One consultations, Annual Dialogue Breakfast and a Foundation Roundtable, in which funders are invited to share their funding initiatives and guidelines in addition to workshops.


    SPMG MEDIA: How can our readers connect with you?


    EDDIE MAE WILLIAMS: Connect with me at eddiemae.311@gmail.com

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