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    Posted April 28, 2014 by
    Taipei City, Taiwan

    Mountain and Sea House Restaurant offers the best from the mountain and sea of Taiwan


    Taiwan is world renowned for its food. However, Taiwanese cuisine is synonymous with snacks and night market food, as a result of which it is rarely mentioned in relation to haute cuisine. In fact, from the early 20th century to the 1960s and 1970s several Taiwanese restaurants offered haute cuisine and many wealthy patrons employed chefs to cook their own unique recipes when they invited guests to banquets at their homes. Such dishes evolved into exquisite “banquet” cuisine, though this approach later became less popular for a number of reasons. Since this time many distinctive recipes and dishes have been lost. Today, when people entertain at banquets guests are mainly offered expensive imported foods and simple easy to cook food. As a result, whether food or cooking methods such events offer little that is authentically Taiwanese in taste. Culinary culture is made up of snacks, home cooking, and haute cuisine all of which are equally important and together showcase the full richness of food on offer.


    New Popularity of Old Taiwanese Dishes and Exquisite Handed Down Recipes
    In recent years the movies “Zone Pro Site” and “Twa-Tiu-Tiann” have given rise to a spirit of nostalgia, but despite the hundreds of Taiwanese restaurants, many recipes for the quality Taiwanese dishes passed down from generation run the risk of being lost to history because of a lack of people to impart such knowledge. As part of her search for authentic Taiwanese cuisine chef He Yijia urges the older generation and old chefs around the country to pass on their family recipes to the next generation to ensure such wonderful food can be enjoyed by future generations.


    “Pork leg and braised pork with anka sauce” - Family Recipe Passed Down with Six Generations of Dowries
    This special dish is made by first removing the bones of pork legs and stuffing the hollows with braised pork and anka sauce. It is made with a special recipe provided by chef Huang Wan-ling and was handed down by her maternal great-grandmother, who brought it into their family with her dowry. It symbolizes the way husbands and wives should learn to understand and accept each other in their marriage.

    “Chicken Wrapped With Pig Stomach” – Demands a Chef with the Highest Skills
    Remove the bones carefully from the free range chicken. Stuff the chicken with shredded bamboo shoot, shiitake mushrooms and more. Wrap the chicken with pork belly and stew it for hours. This is a dish that requires excellent skills on the part of the chef.

    “Leftover Soup” – Select Ingredients, Exquisite Taste
    This dish is a mixture of the leftovers of six classic banquet dishes. Cook the soup for four hours with these ingredients during which period local vegetables are added and the soup repeatedly stirred to create its distinctive taste. It represents the essential frugality and richness of Taiwanese spirit and is used to thank guests and kitchen helpers at banquets.

    “Almond Tofu” – Hand Made Southern Almond Paste
    This dish is a favorite dessert of chef A-Hai of Yilan when catering for banquets. Hand-made, the peanuts and almonds are whipped into a paste, which is stirred for more than 40 minutes by hand. The almond paste is mixed with water in the proper ratio and the dessert is chewy and tasty without any artificial flavoring.


    Experience a New Sensation in an Old Style Japanese Setting
    For those who dine at Mountain and Sea House restaurant, it is difficult to imagine that this Japanese style building is already more than 80 years old. In order to make the restaurant a home for Taiwanese cuisine, Green & Safe spent more than two years restoring the only remaining Japanese style urban garden residence in Taiwan to its original glory. Jazz from the 1920s is played, with pre-war Taiwanese songs and post war Mandarin Chinese songs transporting guest back to the golden age of Taiwanese banquet cuisine. In order to recreate the feel of a family banquet from the past the restaurant has worked with fashion designers Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin to incorporate ancient elements, including mountain tea flowers which decorate the clothing worn by service staff. In addition, no meal of Taiwanese cuisine is complete without a pot of quality tea. To add to the experience, the restaurant uses tea utensil made by Xiao Fang Kiln and selects only the very best organic tea from across Taiwan, including Sun Moon Lake Laocong black tea, Lugu Dong Ding Oolong Tea and Alishan High Mountain Tea. These offer the perfect end to an exquisite meal of Taiwanese cuisine.




    【Set Meal Discount Information】
    The atmosphere that accompanies Taiwanese cuisine makes is suitable for family gatherings or business banquets. However, Mountain and Sea House restaurant also recommends a selection of 10 dishes for individuals who love great Taiwan food: seasonal salad, Shanhai classic cold platter (sugar cane smoked chicken, squid rolls stuffed with bean, ham and egg yolk, shrimp rolls, pork leg and braised pork with anka sauce), oyster fritter, seasonal organic vegetables, sorbet made of seasonal fruits, pineapple and white gourd steamed fish, organic seasonal gourd, old style stir fried rice noodles, leftover soup, almond tofu, all priced at NT$1980. Other set meals choices are priced at NT$2,680 and NT$3,580 (the above prices all come with an additional 10% service charge).


    【To Make a Reservation】
    Address: No 16, Lane 11, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
    Reservations Tel: (02)2581-5760
    Business Hours: 11:30~14:00,17:30~22:00 ( last order at 21:00)

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