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    After 56 hours the little one started to get bruises, she started to be dehydrated and they didn’t have any other options but to save her. Martine took her, put her close to her heart to warm her up, and ever since ShaSha has been a big part of Martine’s life. She showed me other pictures when you can see ShaSha cooking, gardening, playing, trying glasses on, after a hard day she even has her feet in a vibrating machine relaxing with a happy smile on her face, the baby pictures are absolutely adorable.

    Martine also told me “chimps are very unique, they are their own people, with unique personalities. They don’t necessarily take to strangers and we don’t stress the chimps out and we don’t stress the people out; chimps can be quite explosive in their personality and new people don’t know how to act around them. People often act in a way that makes the chimps excited and a distance must be maintained. Some days are perfect with certain people and they will be perfectly fine, other times absolutely not.”

    Martine is looking for people to sponsor the animals, or the large chimpanzee colony. “If we can have many Angels or one Angel (people sponsoring the animals in the sanctuary) to sponsor the chimp colony that would be great. We are the biggest chimp sanctuary in the Western United States. Sponsorship is very important. If we have a full sponsorship on an animal that would make a world of difference, because they become self-sustaining.”

    Another great idea that Martine Colette wants to make a reality soon:

    “I was thinking how I assure their future and one of the ways we thought about if you get 3% of your money by an investment. If you put X amount of money in a bank account and you draw 3% interest, the animals can live on the interest, the owner of the money can take this as tax deduction, and the money is safe. I spoke to three different banks and said I want to make sure when I am no longer around the animals will be cared for. If a person has money that they could invest to allow the interest to go to the chimps or one chimp, the banks are interested in this program because they get many people investing $50,000-$100,000 which is a good business for the bank and the bank then will administer the rest.”

    The Conditional Use Permit from the county is around $300,000 and the Wildlife Waystation can open again to children and other visitors. It costs approximately $140,000 a month for food, water, veterinary care, maintenance, animal enrichment, electricity to heat the dens, etc. If you would like to make a difference and donate today please call ph. (818) 899-5201. Thank you and bless your heart! www.wildlifewaystation.org

    By Nelly Angel Coneway

    Special thanks to: Martine Colette, Alyson Rousseau and Andrea Kelley!!!

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