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    Getting in Shape is Only an Elevator Ride Away : Fitness Expert offers swimming tips for condo dwellers that will keep you healthier than ever

    By Paul Fitzgerald

    From the city to the suburbs condo developments are turning up just about everywhere these days.

    Young professionals and seniors alike seem to be the ones choosing the condo lifestyle simply because it’s an easier and more practical way of living. There’s no yard work, space is easier to work with on the décor front, they are easy to maintain, and many come with all necessary amenities like with modern appliances, theatre and games rooms, gyms, and stores down below.

    That’s right everything you want is all in one locale – a true convenience on many levels.

    What’s even more interesting however is the vast number of condo developments that have large sized pools, indoor and outdoor.

    And if you ask Ania Anvaryfar, a popular fitness and training coach, nutrition expert, and talk show host on TenTV, nothing beats a swimming workout.

    “Many people who live in condos think that a pool might not be the best place to get into shape, but think again,” she says. “Swimming is an amazing workout that burns calories, improves metabolism, and strengthens all your muscles.”

    She adds, “When you compare recreational swimmers with non-swimmers, there is a huge difference in that those who spend time in the water have better muscles and trimmer hips and waists.”

    And making a splash to improve your overall health is definitely not inexpensive at all. All you need is a swimsuit, goggles and a cap and the water is all yours for the taking.

    Anvaryfar indicates most people will burn at least 500 calories with an easy swim within an hour, and putting in more effort means burning off about 800.

    “Swimming is a superb workout because your body moves against the resistance of the water,” says the founder and owner of A2 Fitness Inc. “There are so many other benefits with a swimming workout as you naturally use all you muscles. This means that you will keep your weight down and your heart and lungs are healthier. As well, swimming is great for cardio, and is a peaceful and calming exercise like no other.”

    First thing first, Anvaryfar suggests not diving in and doing a bunch of laps and getting out of the pool in a hurry. The trick in having the right swimming workout is taking your time and breaking up exercise routines with short intervals.

    So, what are the best kinds of swimming workouts? Anvaryfar suggests freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke – all of which help you burn calories and keep your body better in tune.

    “The freestyle is easy and is a great way to start out if you are new to swimming,” she says. “The average person in no time will see weight loss and muscle improvement with doing freestyle for an hour a day.”

    The breaststroke, which may take some time to master, can be done at slow speeds, but has so many positive benefits on the body. In fact you can torch almost 750 calories in an hour with this exercise routine.

    “The breaststroke, which is a great calorie burner, improves cardiovascular strength and overall greatly improves your flexibility and endurance,” she says.

    Then there’s the infamous butterfly stroke that is demanding but you can burn off nearly 800 calories an hour with this water routine.

    Anvaryfar states, “While the butterfly stroke is a more advanced workout in the water, it is great for strengthening your upper body, legs and buttocks.”

    The backstroke is another key water workout that will burn at least 500 calories in just one hour.

    “The one thing I tell everyone with doing the backstroke is that it reverses the damaging effects of spending too much time on the computer or commuting for long periods in the car,” she says. “And this workout helps improve your posture as it strengthens your upper back.”

    In all, a swimming workout is great for getting into shape. Keep in mind, after your first workout your upper body might be sore, but as you spend an hour or so each day in the water you will feel alive in so many ways.

    “I tell any condo dweller that there are many physical benefits to swimming, but keep in mind as well that it reduces a tremendous amount of a stress,” says Anvaryfar. “So many people get caught up in their daily routines and avoid using the pool. All you need to do is walk down the hall, get on the elevator, push the button, and hit the pool. You will be healthier and you will no doubt live longer.”

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