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    Posted April 29, 2014 by
    Davison, Michigan
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    All Life is Sacred


    Why do Humans think that we are Superior to the Animal and Plant Kingdom?


    Why do we think we Deserve to Live More than them?
    Why do you suppose that we Humans
    are hated around the world ?


    We are the only ones who Maim, Torture, Abuse and Outright Kill Animals
    All for Money or just for Fun----
    gives us a thrill to think we are the “Better” ones


    We are the only ones who Cut down Millions of Trees Every Day---

    to Harm and Poison Plants
    Trees, Flowers and Herbs….

    Who Destroy Entire Eco Systems so we can have the “Good Life”…


    When we do not Care about the Animals,
    the Plants, the Trees, About Mother Earth----
    Our Free Will Should be Revoked---

    we should not be Allowed to Exist… at least the way we do...
    Mother Earth Is DYING….She and her Inhabitants, bodies of water, her lands, air and forests and life forms are being KILLED every Single Day…

    by Humans…..


    Not to Mention, Chemtrails, Geo Engineering, Vaccinations, Pollution from Factory Farms, Pollution from Industrial Places....


    Why is it that after all of this Harm we Cause to others and to the Plant, that we Still think we Are the Intelligent ones? Why do we think we are the Superior ones? No we are NOT… We Lack such intelligence when we allow the Greatest Harm to be Inflicted to those who cannot Defend themselves…when we continue on Exploiting Mother Earth and the her Resources to Earn a Living......


    When we could help Heal Mother Earth and all of her Magnificence---

    yet we continue to Turn the other way when it comes to helping her—

    We Deny her our Love and our Caring Kind ways.


    It seems as though all we care about is The Human Race…

    WE are NOT the ONLY ONES Who MATTER….


    WE are not the Only ones to Deserve to Live…


    if Anything, we Humans Do NOT deserve to Live When All we do is Harm….


    When will we STOP the Murders? The Bloodshed?

    When will we see the Sentient Life Resides in All Life- not just Humans, but Animals and plants. When we will we start treating others the way we truly wish to be Treated??


    When will we Stop HARMING ALL Beings for Any Reason?? There are soo many Poisons /Toxic Chemicals pouring into the Earth by Restaurants, the Big or Small Corporations, by anyone, just so we can Live, but the Animals, Plants, Trees and Mother Earth has to DIE because of our Ignorance, our Greed, our Desires, our “High Standards”. This is not Civilized. This is not a Way to live. WE must ReLearn True Compassion and Kindness. We must LOVE All Beings . We must Learn to Co Exist with ALL Beings in Light and Love. We must share this Planet , not Destroy it.

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