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    Marketing Agency Helps Service-Based Business Owners Be Recognized As Industry Experts


    These days, service-based businesses are struggling to keep up with managing their day-to-day customer calls and also keeping up with the need to reach new potential customers through technology such as the Internet and mobile devices. Most plumbers and electricians have no training in website design or marketing on the Internet. Far more commonly, these services might post a free Craigslist ad or take an ad out in the local Yellow pages directory, but by not keeping up with the changing technology, they miss out on the opportunity to connect with potential customers.


    Ken Sherman, Managing Director of authority marketing agency, Go Pro Local, got his start as a service-based painting business to put himself through college, so he's familiar with why service-based businesses struggle in this area. He's made a career out of helping small local businesses, especially service-based businesses overcome their inexperience with Internet and mobile marketing. More than just encouraging and teaching these businesses to use the Internet for marketing, Sherman focuses on teaching them how to become recognized as experts and authorities in their industry.


    He says, “I help any kind of business though I do tend to focus on local business—not necessarily local to my market in Arizona—but local small businesses as opposed to national chains. I feel like I have a special talent for service businesses because I owned a service business for so long and helped so many of these contractors get an online presence and find new customers.”


    Ken went to college at Arizona State University and got an Aeronautic Engineering degree in 1993, “just in time for the whole airline industry to collapse and not have any jobs available,” he says. Instead of Aeronautic Engineering, he started a tile and grout cleaning company in Arizona. “I put up a website for my little service business and very quickly I got a phone call from a man in Chicago,” Ken explains, “He said, ‘I want to come and learn how to do this. I have a handyman business. I’m going to add tile and grout cleaning to my business. How much to teach me?’ I gave him a number. He came out, helped me on my jobs for four days and paid me. When he left I thought, ‘I just made money off the Internet!’ That was it. I was hooked.”


    Go Pro Local is a dba of Integrated Marketing Solutions, LLC and specializes in authority marketing and authority positioning. Their other services include online search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategies. "Our specialty is helping local businesses to increase their bottom line by positioning them and their business as an industry leader—an authority in their market,” Sherman says, “We focus on utilizing press, social media and advanced mobile marketing strategies.” Client Elizabeth Rakestraw, Owner at Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy says, “Go Pro Local identified the most cost-effective solutions to the problems I was struggling with and now I feel like I can reach more of my customer base.”


    To learn more about being recognized as an authority in your industry or service-based business visit: http://www.goprolocal.

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