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    Washington, District of Columbia
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    It is a Lifestyle Change!


    "A series of smart choices on a daily basis" has become the words in which I live by, since I began one of the biggest journeys of my life.


    On June 30th, 2013, I completed a 2 year weight loss transformation. Weight had captivated my being, only allowing me to see myself as a stomach and a bundle of insecurity. The summer before my senior year of high school I decided that it was time to take my fate into my own hands. I was either going to let my weight bring me down, or I was going to change the way I looked. After some extensive research, on June 30th, 2011 I began my first serious workout toward the new lifestyle I promised to provide for myself.


    I knew that I wanted to build a whole new lifestyle, because I could not foresee staying on a diet plan for the rest of my life.


    How did I do it you may be wondering? I learned to follow basic nutritional recommendations, learned how to properly portion my plate, and implemented exercise. I found a new love for the gym and set the goal to be in the gym anywhere from 3-5 times a week. On top of that, I made sure that I was doing something active every day. I set two goals at the beginning of my weight loss journey. The first goal was to lose 80 pounds within the two years. If I had ever surpassed that I was determined to lose 100 pounds in two years.


    In my senior year of high school I continually educated myself and kept up my goal of 3-5 days in the gym with something active every day. At the end of my senior year of high school, you could tell that progress had been made but, my work was far from done. On June 30th, 2012, I weighed in at 35 pounds less that I had been when I started exactly a year prior.


    Soon, the end of the summer came, and it was time to go to college. It was imperative that I be confident enough to meet people, in order to make my university a second home.


    Upon my arrival at American University in mid August of 2012, I found myself worried about how I was going to meet people with the round stomach attached to my body. On top of a new social scene, I found myself in a completely new dining venue. For the first time the choices of what I ate were completely up to me. It became crucial that I maintain all of the portion control, and proper nutrient knowledge as I made the decision of what to put on my plate. Throughout my freshman year I continued to make my way to the gym 3-5 times a week. As well as gym time, Washington DC allowed me to get out and explore. Washington DC made it very easy to exercise in some way or another, every day. Throughout my freshman year I found that I was going through clothes often, and could see the results I wanted. I was feeling amazing, and going to the gym became one of the many ways of dealing with stress. I found that I enjoyed retreating to the gym, as it got me away from the stress of homework at my desk.


    I would weight in periodically, as I wanted my life style transformation to be about learning, growing, and becoming a healthier human being. The two set numbers, proved to be best way to motivate myself. In February 2013, on a weekend trip home to Los Angeles for my younger sister Micayla's Bat Mitzvah, I decided to step on the scale. I was so excited to see that in 19 months, I had achieved the first of my two goals and weighed in at 80 pounds less that when I had started in June of 2012.


    Now with pride and determination, I was going to make the next goal of 100 pounds a reality. Returning back to school meant that I could get back into the habit of the gym, and return home for the summer feeling even better.
    A few months later, my freshman year in college had come to a close. In early May, I returned home to Los Angeles where I planned on spending my summer. I decided that in the beginning of May, upon my return home, I would weigh in again. The first morning I was home I stepped on the scale to see that I had lost a total of 65 pounds in my freshman year.


    My family and friends remained so supportive, but it was too early to call it quits. I needed to finish out the two years, with just under two months left. I kept up the workout regimen, and continued to watch what I was eating.
    At last, June 30th, 2013 had arrived. That morning I woke up with nerves and excitement as I got on the scale. Looking down at the new number, I saw that I had lost an addition 3 pounds since May. Now to total up the loss, with 35 pounds in year 1, and 69 pounds in year two: I was proud to announce to my friends and family that I had achieved a total weight loss of 104 pounds in the course of those two years.


    This past year, in my sophomore year of college, I have worked on maintaining my weight and keeping up the healthy lifestyle I had built for myself. I could not have done this without the amazing support of my friends and family.


    Towards the middle of my sophomore year I was approached by American University's "The American Word" magazine, for an interview. They found my weight loss story to be inspirational, and wanted a chance to publish it in the lifestyle section of their magazine. I was very open with my story of a two year lifestyle transformation. It was in fact published, and once again reminded me of the work put in and that no goal in unattainable. As I understand it, I am on of the only students documented to have lost such a great deal of weight in my freshman year at American University.


    I want to serve as a role model, and want people to understand that I am not condemning anyone who is overweight. Some people are so confident in themselves , and their body make up could never stop them. For me, the weight held me back, and I could not let my stomach take away anything else from my life. Weight loss becomes more than just a physical change. There are psychological implications that come with such a grand commitment to oneself. I only hope that no one ever lets their weight stop them from achieving anything in the world that they desire. And if they should feel too insecure, I hope my story will give them guidance towards achieving their own weight loss goals. No one should ever have to feel the pain of their weight, because what I have learned throughout this process, is that everyone has their "something special" and weight should never be a deterrent from any of their goals. Ever.


    Attached is the article published by my school's magazine detailing about my weight loss journey before and during college:



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