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    Me and Mozambique

    Discretion Advised
    Travelling every year to Quelimane, Tete trough Malawi with parents, up to 1979, the Legendary name Mandela or Amandler was a communicator: whenever you heard it, which you did some times not ofte, you would be confronted with forms of eye contacts releasing comfort, jutice, fear, pain, unfairness, intimidation, dream, anotther World, anciedade, curiosity, life, and love. Those were the times a Grey open Cabine Land Rover used to circulate in Black People`s Zones, keeping black parents busy Instructing children about how to run all they could wheener they spotted that car. They said " he steals children" - " rouba Criancas". The "Sangue Suga" were also a problem. People were not asked to give blod - Specialists used to crowl over black people`s huts and suck blod from the poor when asleep, some times living the body empty from blod.
    Intependence of Mozamnique was the end of "sangue suga", the clash of Catholicism, with emprisionment of Chatolic Priests. Fusilation of Politicinas, introduction of Christianity as a whole and the start of dictatorship, modern day slavery, and Human Trafficking in the country with enumerable cultural, folklorik, sportive and theatreal activities for youth, turning education to something that only is valid when accquired abroad.
    The politics of languagen has been either been forgotten or ignored. Terms like "Racism" the "N" Water Idioma or languages and Communication in Africa must be tethinked to end Povery 2015 in Africa. Water is the key to poverty, hunger opression, hummiliation and violence against women and the reason why Mozambique has achieved a GDP growh of 7-8 with continuous inflation and human death in all ages and mos bannal iullnesses.
    Between 1985-2010 In search of understanding what happened in Mozambique and what the Independence or decolonialization of Portugal signified for Africa, and the people of Mozambique. Remembering the Interflug and Aeroflot Airbasus flying youth age 15-25 to Germany and Russia that never turned back to their families, - and looking at the people of Africa tight to a Plastic Card named Permanent Residence ofte connected to an hidden restriction of a permanent adresse in Denmark, I was connected to Mozambicans abroad and visited Italy, Portugal Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland Luxemburg, France and Switzerland.
    Til 1990, I did not know that there were other religions in the world, appart from mine and the one we were taught to call for Indians. I din`t even know that Protestant prespective, Orthodox sounded familiar. I also did not know that the colour of people`s skin had a synonimus other than the fact that my best friends, Cecilia, Messias, Fatima ramos and her mothers, my Teacher Stella Ramos, had different hair and hair style than mine. I did not know that discrimkination existed. As a kid Slavery was introduced to me as the fight between the Poor European savages and thieves looking for better life against wealthy African also savages, all our forefathers. The term Racism sounded familiar but was a kind of an non decent word like the "F" word.
    Why I am Ready for Hillary Clinton
    I left my Village, when I was 11 years old. Turned back for first time in 2011, professional defamators found an opportunity to distruct my political work by announcing me as Nigerian female Human trafficker, from Nigeria, no husband, allowing no sexual arrasment from high ranked politicians, who had kids with white man form Denmark, trafficking Organs and kids to Denmark Spain and Portugal. The defamation attracted trully human traffickers who did not hesitate to contact me everyday with children age 7, 8, 15, 14, 16 for sale. With 3 to 7 human traffickers asking for 250 USDollar for each kid. I reported to the Police. Comandante Roberto arrested 8 men. 9 children were identified, but every second day after an arrest, Criminal Police represented by Officer Bove Officer Mesa and Lampiao and 3/5 others already dead informed me that the prisioners escaped from the prision. No one of the 9 kids were rescued.
    As time goes, ", All is constructed to violate the countries GrundLoven of 1953. The everyday and inteligent racial discrimination indbound in the countries laws such as "Jante Loven" which is adjusted in welfare system syncronized in "Tvingloven, Udlaeningspolitiken and "Social politiken".
    Very few dare to win a case rasing questions related to diprivation, demogegory, slavery, social control, dictatorship, Communism and modern Genocide in Denmark and in Mozambique. Every lawer who has tried have lost his rights to defend foreigners prcecuted for racial discrimination cases.
    Enslaved Cause Citizenship
    I Obliged to voluntarily traffick my children in the hands of the government of Denmark or alternatively go out of the country that equals suicide because there would be no security nor Health care for me and my children due to the Justice Ministry violation of UN Konvection 0f 30 august 1961. My yougst child had no Passport could only travel with him in specific countries on holidays I hided placed him in American School in Denmark 5 years later in a boarding school in Switzerland. My son was not allowed to graduate even with the lawest results because he was statsless, stayed see attachment of 17.0kt 2013 Udlaengstyrelse or Justciceminiateriet. like many other black and foreign parents , hunted by municial guards and social workers for not proving to be a good foreigner I found a danish boarding school in Ronde where he said he was abused fisicaly the abuse 2005-2007 was confirmed by the teacher, the secretary and the School inspector. Minisry of education as responce reminded me of have chosen school`s with language other than Danish and German. Ministry of Justice has the plan for 20 monthes 20 month prision Case Studying in Copenhagen University European Ethnology 1996-2009. I accused of beig in possession of Guns and Bombs and not roses was arrested for 41/2 hours and asked not to go back to the University again unless i wanted to go to jail.
    Justice Ministry - Rigs Politi Chef department said in june 2008 that "This look like Justice mude. " he continued "I shall mail you a peace of paper we call for LADEN. As soon as you have it in your hands take very good care of it, because you will be the onlyone having the trues the names of the officer and what they said exactly the day they arrested you. No one else have that paper. That is what i can do for you. You have a good Case. I`m going on pension but you will win the case. Fight for your rights".
    No positive steps have taken on the case. Only the contrary. I was codified-registered dagerous woman or something alike in all governmental intitutions. Whenever I showed up to fix my adresse or health care card, in the Farmacy, bank when ever i presented my ID Card security guards starte sorrounding me intimidating giving signes to one onother - provocking passing very close to my body and when I finaly was attended the secretary tell me everything else tha she want to tell me and not what i was there for. Whenever I would confess that I with all descretion was there for ID and not Appartment, guards would start attack and ring the red bell.
    In Frederiksberg Municipe of Copenhagen, 2011, Civil Police Officersd were called to arrest. A Potrait of a Psyky`s woman dressen like I used to that Winter was designed, so whenever people so me in the streets - would be reminded of the Psyky foreign women in Frederiksberg Municipio. I could simply travel away and abandon my callready confused children. iGod Knows I love my children. I had to stay a little bit lonnger . "The Officers arrived and by radio announced that there is nothing like what is being said about the woman. There is no reason to arrest a briliant mother and student fighting for her rights". She is allowed by os to be back this institution next week and in future and police will no longer value danger-
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