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    "You Don't Say" . . . Oh yes I do say.


    Political correctness run amok. . . again. From Duke University in North Carolina, in the South, the hateful South that is only full of Bible thumping Christian, black hating, hood wearing white people, we now get the new groups called Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United are campaigning to get people to not use offensive phrases - meaning the phrases that they decide are offensive.


    Among the phrase that made the list are:


    "That's so gay"




    "Don't be a p*ssy"


    "No homo"




    "Man up"


    Again. WHO decides which term is offensive or not? It seems to be whoever is the most sensitive gets to decide. This is BS and they need to "man up". Not just "Don't be a p*ssy" but "Don't be a punk*ss p*ssy". If this is the biggest concern of these young students and it is hard for them to stomach these phrases that, like them or not, are used by many, everyday, in many different circumstances, then they are going to have a hard time in life.


    As one person commented on the Daily Mail: Ah, the perpetually offended crowd gives us more insight into our world. How awful it must be to go through life looking for a reason to be a "victim".


    The campaign goes on to explain why they are offended by each phrase they are opposed to. For instance:


    "I don't say 'That's so gay' because the words gay and stupid are not interchangeable."


    Sorry, but they are. They have been for at least 20 years that I know of. Words evolve. They take on new meanings and definitions through the years. Gay, in the very beginning did not even mean homosexual. So at some point homosexuals decided that gay was a term that described them. That does not automatically give them a patent to the word where nobody else can use it for anything else or that it can not evolve yet again to mean something else.


    By the way. Blue Devils United, is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group. I can remember when homosexuals said "queer" was offensive. Then it is not again. How would people even know which words are offensive if they keep going back and forth on what is?


    Yes, gay is interchangeable with stupid. If you do not like it then do not use it that way, but do not try to demand that nobody else uses it that way either. You do not get to arbitrarily decide what is offensive to everyone else.


    Just this year I learned a new meaning for the word "ratchet". Until then all I knew ratchet to be was to be a tool. When I first heard someone say "that's so ratchet" I was puzzled what they meant. Apparently ratchet has evolved recently to mean ghetto or trashy. I wonder if mechanics are up in arms and stomping their feet demanding we no longer use the word ratchet to mean ghetto or trashy? I doubt it.


    Perhaps people who live in the ghetto or trailer parks demand that they not be referred to as "ratchet". Who knows? But I doubt that too. And even if it is so, all the pissing moaning and complaining will not change it. It is a new word started by the next generation. It will be here for a really long time.


    As another commenter put it:


    "Finally, someone to tell us what offends us! I had no idea previously."


    Yeah, I had no idea what offended me either. Thanks for telling me.


    Let us all come to an agreement. You decide you do not want to use words a certain way and I will not make you. I decide how I want to use words and you will not try to make me stop doing it.


    These very people scream at the capacity of their lungs that they want tolerance. Well okay let's be tolerant. You and everyone else can be tolerant of a phrase such as "Man Up". Or you might be called a "wussy".


    You don't care if you're called that? Good. You shouldn't. Nor should you care about the other phrases people say, especially when they're not even directed toward you.







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