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    Anderson SC, My Southern History Tour "Exploring"


    By: Kenneth Stepp


    Anderson is my first non-Georgia town to explore. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I loved this place. I saw historical buildings, ate some great food, and met wonderful people. Darcy was first. I stopped at a little sidewalk cafe named, something Taco. I have tried to remember. I just can’t. I didn’t eat there. Just had a beer and relaxed for a while. I loved it. Darcy was my server. She was great.


    My appointment arrived after a while. I spotted a spot across the street. It had a beautiful balcony overlooking the town square. I walked across the street and learned the upper was the 134 Tavern. The lower was, The Bombay Club. Wanting to sit on the balcony, we made a beeline for the 134 Tavern. The sign said, open at 4:00 pm. Then a note on the bars said, open at 5:00 pm. At 5:15 we sat down at the upscale, Bombay Club because the 134, remained unopened. We were so lucky. The Bombay club was amazing. Great food, and prices. But, nothing compared to the service. Alicia & Morgan served us. Not only did they rock. But they were impossible to be down around. I do this every day. I love my servers and understand that they have an almost impossible job. They made it look easy. I will be having many meetings there in the future. Plus, we can again watch people rattle the bars to 134 and tell them they simply haven’t open yet. It was fun.


    For those that would like a nice place www.bombayclub.net


    Being so involved in Georgia politics, South Carolina is an unknown to me. I don’t study what I can’t change. I will, in the future, introduce myself to the leadership in Anderson, at least. It’s a wonderful city that I can see having business meetings and functions in. It’s the perfect size, and everyone is so friendly.


    In just weeks we will be launching our online Georgia Newz. Hart County will be among the first five locations, or markets. It will be a little like The Patch. Hopefully a bit more small town friendly. I am so excited about filling the need for a community involvement news source for these smaller markets. I have to admit that working with the graphic artists, editors, sales staff, and others. Has been very different from being the lone cowboy I have become. All in due time.


    Touring small southern towns was my hobby I created when I became single again after so many years. I do not golf, play tennis, bird watch, or any other boring thing men my age do. I have a passion for people, history, old architecture, and history. Visiting thes cities fills a serious void in me. I call it “exploring”. Mostly, because I felt it needed to be called something.


    Today was an awesome day. I traveled for hours. I had a wonderful meeting. I toured a beautiful little town. I ate some of the best food I have ever put in my mouth. But most of all. And above all. I met some fantastic people. These are the mosaic in my life. They are my dots of excellence. My island in a sea of unknown. I love people. I care greatly for others. The one’s I met today were no different. Simply amazing.


    Founder, American Angel Works

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