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    ‘’Always show kindness to your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.’’...
    Is that what Hasina’s awami league govt is going to show to....?
    In less than 4 weeks time Mr Narendo Modi ( famously & infamously aka NAMO) is going to be enthroned as the new Prime Minister of India; Lifebuoy of Hasina’s House of cards.
    Our latest sting operation and covert investigation has been tipped off by an insider of Awami Leagues government that Sheikh hasina is having sleepless nights, watching Indian NDTV- GEE TV –AAJ Tak, ABP news – Star news till the small hours of night and fretting with the impending outcome of the election. Sheikh news’s own mole inside the heart of Hasina’s household confirmed the authenticity of the news and also added that,
    Hasina is very worried sick and deeply concerned with the forthcoming changes of the government in Delhi; her second home and her saviour.
    Hasina’s whole inner circle- her kitchen cabinet comprising the whole of Tungipara clan including pro ISI man within her core group kazi Zafarullah having series of meetings every night to find an away to appease the new incoming government of India led by NAMO...(Narendro Modi)
    Hasina and her whole team is ready to bow down the biggest NOMO (pronam) of their live to NAMO( Narendo Modi) but sources have indicated that, BJP and Personally Narendo Modi both have very bitter taste left in their tongue by Hasina’s awami league.
    Modi and his BJP are not keen to give Hasina and her present government the same level preference as Congress led UPA government under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi have been rendering.
    Modi clearly distastes awami league and sheikh hasina – we have been touting for the last 3 weeks and have had the rare opportunity to reach the centre of pressure and the centre of gravity of the Modi camp and we can announce that, our information are very gruesome and are very worrying. Our covert intelligence indicates that, As soon as BJP will form government it will severe all ties and all facilities given to sheikh Hasina’s govt by the Indian administration. Some insider within the Indian hierarchy has informed this to Hasina and since then she is down with a so called Sinus problem. As a matter of fact, it’s not sinus it is the worry of getting Modi to make her a minus.


    Our covert reporter also found out that, Modi and his inner circle and the RSA believe that, It will very detrimental and dangerous to trust Sheikh Hasina and her government as the sheikh’s of Bangladesh and Gandhi’s of India are friends for over 50 years & and the whole Babu’s of Indian administration in Delhi happen to know Hasina since her days of exile in India post 15th August 1975 to May 1981. The yesteryears junior ICS & other cadre officers are now holding the key positions in almost all the sectarians in the south block of Delhi. BJP feels that, any instructions and bilateral discussion (close door one’s) discussed with Hasiana – will be passed on to the opposition congress by Hasina and Opposition will use them as an ammunition to create havoc in the parliament and in the press and media circle.
    Hearing all these we were told that, hasina is feeling very insecure and friendless. Has been trying relentlessly to arrange a meeting with BJP – but the she has been given a cold shoulder by them.


    Hasina’s all hopes are now hinging onto the President of India Her favourite Pranab da, she is hoping that Pranab da will put a nice word to the new incoming administration and things will be happy go around. But, our staff reporter reiterated that, Mr Mukherjee himself is not sure as to how things will pan out once the BJP is in power.


    We have received some genuine and authentic feedback from one of our sources that, Meanwhile BJP is talking to BNP and there were a few meetings tool place in between Tarek rahman and BJP’s Laloobhai Parekh – the president of friends of BJP in the UK in the presence of Mr. Sabhiuddin Ahmed during his recent visit to the UK. One source informed us that, no wonder Tarek Rahman is so proactive suddenly.
    It might so happen if a deal with BJP and Awami League is not struck then a new wave of self engineered chaos will be taking place and Hasina will impose Emergency to hand over power to the army and she will leave Bangladesh and will come once the enroute is all clear like as they did in 1/11 where awami league secretly in association with General Moeen brought the curtain down in order for the 1/11 team to facilitate brining awami league back into power with a concocted election.

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