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    Posted May 1, 2014 by

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    Labor Day is an epic or rights!?

    Regarding Iranian mass movements in these 2 centuries; most of protests have been under the influence of religion. This was because of the religious nature of the community and lack of independent and labor association which forced people to benefit, however small, any apertures as religious association. .
    Iran society had been unsuccessful in shifting from feudalism to capitalism in this century. Despotism, colonization and reactionary are some of the factors influencing the issue.
    We can’t expect to improve a reactionary society when it is governed by tyrant regime. We can’t expect to improve in social, economy or political infrastructure .
    There hasn’t been any organized attention to economic infrastructure which is prominent factor of social improvement.
    If economy be flourished in a country, education, health, housing and livelihood will meliorate more.
    In a safe and developing economy, syndicates, parties and labor organization will be create a frequently round that aid to society improving.
    Over the years after superstructure change, Iran has become a pseudo-capitalism society and after emerging some industry in Iran, labor class appeared as newfound phenomenon. These labors have conflicts for their basic demands with their employers. The social class conflict is one of the results of capitalism because of which the capitals have been forced to recognize some limited concessions of the workers in order to diminish labor’s protests. However, the working class is never satisfied with anything less than their natural and inalienable right.
    But what comes across in the society is the pressure of high prices and economic difficulties, beside social and political problems. The form of the society shows nothing more than an imminent explosion. In this situation if it’s not possible to lead these discrete and unorganized rises toward the goals of public movement, not only there will be no success for the labor movement but also the society will face a disaster. If these movements are not led, undoubtedly they will be easily suppressed by government forces. Repressing this segment of society will cause the fatal blow to the future movements. Political fear and menopause will follow and trigger more oppression and stifling in social atmosphere.
    In this period the best and most practical decisions should be taken by the political activists; because now is the best time to regain and show their power. The unity of internal strata of society, including workers, employees and students can lead to a massive public rally an army against the government. The government today is weaker and more vulnerable than ever. On the other hand economic, social and political crisis has caused deeper and intense conflicts more in all layers of the system which led many forces refusing to cooperate under governmental authority or unwillingly obey all commands.
    On the other hand, is likely that the low-income community to join the middle-class, who always has had conflict with the government since the beginning of emerging the current government, will cause the double reinforcement for the mass movements.

    Kaveh Taheri
    Human rights defendant

    1 May 2014
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