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    Survival Medicine Experts Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy Alton, Create Board Game To Teach Survival Skills For Families

    “Survival!” is a new board game in development designed to teach survival skills in a fun and non-threatening way for families. Survival was created by survival medicine experts Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. The game, say Dr. and Nurse Practitioner Alton, was developed in response to requests for advice from the community on how to involve the entire family in emergency preparedness training and thinking. “The goal of our organization is to have at least one medically self-reliant person in every household for times of disaster or emergency when medical help is not available,” explains Dr. Alton.

    “As we travel the country teaching and speaking at various preparedness conferences, we are regularly approached by people, usually the heads of households who tell us, ‘You’re very lucky, you’re both on the same page and understand how important it is to be prepared for any disaster. I can’t get my spouse or my family members to be involved in this,” says Nurse Practitioner Alton. “We thought that a board game would be a great way to learn the skills of general preparedness—not just medical preparedness, although that is our focus. The game teaches preparedness in a way that is fun, not dryly educational or boring.”

    “Survival!” aims to get older children and other family members who are not in a preparedness mindset involved in learning survival skills. According to Dr. Alton, the game is a fun, challenging and family-friendly way to teach people how to be ready for disaster scenarios and how to make difficult decisions that may be required in survival situations.

    The game is set in a post-pandemic world where there are very few people left. The objective of the game is to collect supplies, such as fuel, food, medicine and weapons, find other survivors and scout locations that can serve as a safe haven in which to start over. Dr. Alton explains the decision to use a pandemic as the cause of the game’s post-apocalyptic setting: “The main question we get from experienced gamers is, ‘Where are the zombies?’ Everyone loves zombies, but we decided, as survivalists, to create a realistic scenario for our game. Zombies just don’t exist, but pandemics do. The pandemic of 1918 wiped out tens of millions of people across the globe, and that was before commercial air travel made it so easy for diseases to get around the globe.” The experts wanted to show that they could put together a fun and challenging game that had its roots in a real-life scenario.

    They also host a radio talk show, “The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour” and have written a book, The Survival Medicine Handbook. Additional information on Dr. and Nurse Practitioner Alton is available at: http://www.doomandbloom.net.
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