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    Gun control and Gun laws- Hitting home...

    This touches home... Although I live in Dallas, Georgia I call Kennesaw, Georgia home! I was raised in Kennesaw, grew up in Kennesaw, and work in Kennesaw... More of my life has been in this area than anywhere else. Proud to know and say that it is a law for every house hold to own a gun in Kennesaw. I work about a mile from the FedEx building and got to work 20 minutes before this took place...The man who committed this crime was a coward and insane. No person should fear going to work and not know if they will be able to go home to see their family when they get off work because of the mental state, anger of another. Jobs that put their lives on the line, military, police officers, firefighters, public safety, etc. is one thing but for most of us we do not really think about it much... Prayers to the families and victims involved and the FedEx employees of Kennesaw.

    As the new gun law in Georgia goes into effect July 1st, the “Guns everywhere” bill looks to change Georgia for the better and glad to call this great state, home...Today is a day that we, responsible gun owners, need to stand up against politicians who try to stop Pro-gun laws from being passed... Tell companies that do not allow guns on their property that you will no longer spend your hard earned money on their services or products if you cannot feel safe in their establishment! Criminals will continue to carry and use weapons no matter what sign is on the door or laws that are in place... Should laws that are against guns turn an innocent, law abiding citizen into a criminal, NO! That citizen has every right to protect his/her self and family in the event that their lives are put in danger or harmed by another. Guns are not the problem. A gun is a tool. Would you take a hammer from a builder/contractor? Would you take a knife from a cook? These are all weapons... And can be used to cause bodily harm. People are the problem. That is wrong with society, people point fingers, and try to ignore the problem because they do not know how to correct the root cause. It will never be fixed, so stop trying to prevent Americans from protecting their self, their family, and their property. Stand together and strong, voice your opinions and protect your RIGHTS! Remember, my doors are locked for YOUR protection, not mine. I will protect myself and my family in the event that someone tries to harm me or my family! Support the 2nd amendment and your constitutional rights as an American!
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