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    Posted May 2, 2014 by

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    Denmark Racial abusing Africans because they are US Government allies.

    Bank accounts, Id Card and No. The right to live is taken form millions of foreigners and refugees and their children in Denmark. Always a Cooperation between the Government, polic Educational Institutions, Kindergarden employees, the Danish Parliament and The Queen and Future Princes.

    The Danish Parliament the Kingdom are involved because just like Dictators from Mozabique they Sleep and eat and care not for the people in their country.

    " Passe paa Smalehder" Said the WQuen of Denmark to her people and Government leaders. Reading between the lines what must be done if anyone is to become a good Translation of the Danish language as required in this country, the Queen of Denmark`s words Signify the following "Mind the or be careful with the Etnologists -the miniatures or the less important people in our society.
    As result of that have a look at Danish Government is able to do through their Banks Municipoality and Foreign Police.

    All I want is access to my small amount in my bank account. My acess to bank account since 2012 December.

    A Mozambican Passport is not accepted as a document of a Mozambican Citizen. Banks are instructed to accept ony danish documents. Those who do not have loose wha they have in banks and also their belongings - Reason why the Anmesty International was made. Only to violate international Law. Racial disscrimkinate and promote Crime inside Danish Police supported by Copenhagen University.
    One of the Crimes of Copenhagen University is, Bring Mozambicans and other people of Africa to Denmark suplly them with Certificates and Diplomas of High Education when they did not study anything else that a bit of the Danish Language in Denmark and contributed to enrich the Unemployed Danish hiding behind un*-effective Leaders of the Government of Mozambique.
    Example 1

    From>Den Danske Bank 4018 Privat Direkte 4
    To Me
    May 1 at 1:36 PM
    Hej Ilda

    Tak for din mail, som jeg besvarer på vegne af Thomas.
    Vi har modtaget din mail, men dette er ikke gyldig legitimation og dokumentation for, at du kan overføre penge mellen din og Tobias' konto.
    Du har talt med en rådgiver den 25.04.14. som også har oplyst dig, at vi ikke kan hjælpe før, at du kan sende gyldig legitimation og dokumentation for din adresse.

    Med venlig hilsen
    Pia Busted
    Rådgiver i Privat Direkte
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