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    Posted May 2, 2014 by
    kuala lumpur, Malaysia
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    Mobile App Empowers Flight Passengers after MH370 tragedy


    The tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has brought into the spotlight the need to have a better means of tracking flights. MH370 has now been missing for more than a month. Although the Malaysian government has confirmed that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean, not a single piece of debris has been found. At present, black box signals have been detected, and the search parties have narrowed the search area, but due to the vast depths of the Indian Ocean, it has proven to be quite a difficult task. With no bodies found, the victims’ families are not yet getting the closure that they need. It is difficult to mourn for someone you have not buried, and among others, this is the pain and suffering that they are going through these days.

    Much of the uncertainty from the MH370 tragedy came from the lack of transparency from the Malaysian government and the airlines. From the first few hours when the flight was reported missing, the public has been receiving limited information, causing the worried families of the victims to speculate and worry some more. For these families, being kept in the dark was a tragedy in itself. Imagine not knowing what the real situation is. It is hard to prepare yourself for the worst if you are not getting the information that you need.
    Learning from this tragedy, it is important that travelers find a way to personally allow their loved ones to track their whereabouts, should they be flying to other destinations. Thankfully, there is a new app that provides this service. The name of the app is Flight-Tracker. Flight-Tracker is a timely app because it allows passengers to give their loved ones updates on where their plane currently is. Of course, no one wants to plan for a flight accident, but it is not something we can control so it is best to be prepared for it.
    Flight-Tracker allows passengers to send out updates to their loved ones, by giving out GPS coordinates while they are in the air. It allows their loved ones to track their whereabouts and be assured that they are right on schedule. This feature is very useful. It doesn’t even have to pertain to an accident. It really is useful for the passengers’ families to know where they are at the very moment. If they are picking up the passenger from the airport, they can be able to manage their schedules better, and will most likely be on time.

    If, God forbid, something happens – may it be an accident or other unforeseeable circumstances; the Flight Tracker app allows its users to send out a last message. The Last Message function lets users type out a message on the app. If anything untoward happens, the message will be delivered to their loved ones. It is a tragic situation to receive this last message, but it definitely helps in providing closure to the victims’ loved ones. Many are uncomfortable in writing final messages, but really, this is one thing you can do to help your loved ones mourn for you properly. As in the case with Flight MH370, many families do not know how to properly grieve for their loved ones. Their disappearance or deaths have come so unexpectedly that it is a jolt to their system, and it makes it extra difficult for them to mourn and move on. This Last Message features helps the people you are leaving behind move forward. You would not want them to get stuck in their grief; you would want them to learn to live with it, and start leading meaningful lives once again. This last message could nudge them along towards that possibility. It will be difficult, but it helps a great deal in knowing that you have said your final goodbyes to your loved ones.

    Should there be an accident in the plane that you are on, and you are stuck in the ocean, the Flight-Tracker also has SOS Signaling – which sends out GPS coordinates periodically. This allows search parties to narrow down the area where they have to search. This is a great help in allowing faster rescue for the survivors, or even in finding the wreckage. The search for MH370 is taking so long because the authorities could not narrow down a search area properly. Because MH370 deviated from their planned route, search parties did not know where to begin. They were looking at such a vast and deep search area, that it was next to impossible to pinpoint on a definite location. With SOS Signaling, search parties can triangulate a search area based on the last GPS coordinates that were sent out prior to the accident. This definitely helps in tracking down survivors or wreckage – thereby providing faster closure for the victims’ loved ones.

    The tragedy of MH370 has taught us that we cannot rely on the government or the airline company to keep us updated or informed when a tragedy happens. They may have their own reasons for not being transparent to the public, but everybody believes that the families have a right to know the truth. The Flight-Tracker app provides you with that back up and the security of knowing about your loved one’s condition or situation. It empowers you to be in the loop, it lets you see a clear picture of what happened, should an airplane accident take place. Though airplane accidents do not happen often, when it does, the uncertainty and the speculation will add to the suffering of the victims’ families.

    The saying “knowledge is power” is very true. Knowing the truth about an accident allows you to start the process of grieving. It allows you to mourn properly, and it gives you the motivation and strength to start rebuilding your life after such a terrible and heart-wrenching tragedy. The Flight Tracker app is definitely an app that one must maximize when you are going on a trip. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones. You owe them a chance to have closure, if a terrible accident occurs.


    Leave nothing to chance; Flight-Tracker is open for Beta users, www.flight-tracker.mobi.

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