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    Posted May 2, 2014 by

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    Lusting after a Tesla Model S electric car? Here are 7 things you should know…


    Zero to 60 in four seconds.


    She’s a model so gorgeous that you’ve salivated over pics of her body online. Meet Tesla – Tesla Model S, that is. Perhaps you’ve heard of the brainchild sedan from 42-year-old Silicon Valley billionaire Elon Musk, best known for his PayPal riches and SpaceX fame.


    Maybe you’re one of the blessed ones who’ve had a Tesla Model S delivered right to your driveway, as shown in this YouTube video of Nick Howe receiving his. Or perchance you’ve simply played around and added the features you desire by designing your Tesla Model S online.


    Whether you’re a current or future owner, these tips can help you:


    Tesla tip #1: Take care when the car is delivered to you


    If you actually watched that YouTube video of Howe receiving his car, you’ll note the care that was taken just to get that sucker off the tow truck. These are some of the practical real-life tips that only Tesla owners know and pass on to one another. Howe has even written a book titled "Owning Model S" with more helpful information.


    Tesla tip #2: Know the location of the supercharger stations


    Of course, you don’t want to get stranded as a couple of reporters who’ve tested out the Tesla have done. Therefore it helps to bookmark the location of Tesla Motors’ supercharger stations and keep abreast of new locations popping up around the country.


    Tesla tip #3: The car is so quiet you might not know it is running


    CBS was busted for their recent report about the supremely silent car when the news magazine was forced to admit they’d added revving car engine sounds during their segment. Most folks – especially owners – know that the car is almost soundless.


    Tesla tip #4: You can order one online, but there’s a waiting list...


    If you head on over the Tesla Motors’ design page like I just did and start adding your desired amenities up the ying-yang – (All glass panoramic roof? Yes, please!) – you’ll not only receive estimated monthly payments or the all-cash price, but an estimated delivery date.


    My maxed-out red Tesla should arrive in “late June,” says the website, so that means the waiting list spoken of in the CBS News video still holds true – because as of this writing, that’s nearly eight weeks away.


    Tesla tip #5: You’ll get about 230 miles out of a charge, but there are ways to improve it


    It helps to research the car as much as possible before getting behind the wheel. That way, you’ll know important tips like the fact that using heated seats wastes less of the battery’s charge than running the heater.


    Musk said that longer battery life would’ve meant a heavier and more expensive car, so they opted for the range as it is – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly trying to improve.


    Tesla tip #6: Cold weather is harder on the battery


    As a New York Times reporter discovered, driving the Tesla in frigid weather comes with its own set of concerns, but again, knowing how to get around them is crucial.


    Tesla tip #7: There’s no tail pipe


    Just thought you’d like to know that last fun fact of the day.

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