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    Posted May 3, 2014 by
    Bongaon, India

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    Now the general election of Indian democracy is in full swing and the election result will be declared on 16th May,2014. Then the leader of the winning party will be summoned by the President , Pranab Mukherjee, to swear as the next Prime minister of India.
    India is the biggest democracy of the world but every election reminds the people that after votes they have to face different problems. Since after independence of 1947 this poor country has been holding general elections regularly, after every five years. In fact the tall talk of “Fair Democracy” has been proved a farce in this south Asian country . Since the beginning people, who are not conscious enough to cast their votes fearlessly in favor of selected candidates of a party, are compelled to elect political mafias or tainted criminals , as their leaders. This country has seen many a blood baths in eections . Hooliganism , rigging, manipulation in the name of castes, religion ,languages, and other differences are being used to wrest the political power.
    Following a report on “Watergate Scandal “ published in “The Washington Post” the fair judiciary of USA could punish the influential presidential candidate, Mr. Nixon . Though Mr. Nixon was disqualified in the presidential eection , in INDIA no tainted politicians, having charge of multicrore rupees scamps  was punished . On the contrary using of black money and corrupting judiciary these criminals cum- political leaders are rewarded in party, society and other important places.
    Unlimited assurances of welfare schemes by all political parties became abortive since those leaders had the real target of deceiving the voters. Anti defection laws are proved useless . Every time the only key of winning an election is depending on muscle power , disturbing communal harmony and looting public money. The theory of “ MIGHT IS RIGHT” is used in this pseudo democracy.
    India is a poor country and a large number of its people suffer from malnutrition for not having proper food. Unemployment among the educated youths has been dominating the social activities very much and as a result ,a great number of youths are either committing suicide or being addicted to different drugs to avoid frustration. Now for corrupt judiciary and administration innocent people have been keeping mum, in fact they are the puppets in the hand of the oppressing class. The land-mafias and other criminals in collaboration with the propaganda based politicians are strangulating the protesting voice of the mass. In this current election . India is spending Rs. 33,000 crore , which amount is much more than the amount is spent in Presidential election of USA.
    Since rigging, booth capturing, and violence occur under gun point, free and fair election is never possible in this vast country . But spending of such a huge amount of money is nothing but the wastage of money of poor people. The American people are rich and so electioneering action to bring  any change in governmental organizations helps them to laugh withe new  prospect Govt. policy . But Indians are very poor and so during and after election ,the market prices go out of reach of the poor voters . Hence unlike Americans , the Indian voters cry.

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